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October 2016
Vol. 35 No. 8

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Hélio Oitica: Be an Outlaw, Be a Hero
by Paula Llull
Hélio Oitica, P58 Spatial Relief, Red During his lifetime, Hélio Oiticica exhibited in major art centers in London and New York, including Whitechapel Gallery and the Museum of Modern Art, where he took part in the 1970 exhibition “Information.” That same year, he received a Gug genheim Fellowship and settled in New York for the following eight years. He was also a prolific writer of manifestos and artist statements. Notwithstanding this activity, the Brazilian artist remains relatively unknown, maybe because of his premature death in 1980. Early in the ’90s, renewed interest in his work resulted in a series of retrospectives, catalogues, and scholarly studies delving into the aesthetic, philosophical, and social aspects of his trajectory. Researchers still think that some parts of his work haven’t been adequately studied. The influential 1960s movement that identified “art as life” was led by a group of artists who claimed public and unusual spaces as ideal stages for experiencing art...see the entire article in the print version of October's Sculpture magazine.

P58 Spatial Relief, Red, 1960. View of installation at Galeria G-4, Rio de Janeiro, 1966.

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