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September 2016
Vol. 35 No. 6

A publication of the
International Sculpture Center
September 2016 Sculpture Magazine On the Cover
Ruben Ochoa, L.A. Riots in the Age of Minecraft (re)building block no. 001-006, 2013. Galvanized post, dirt, rubber, and plastic, dimensions variable. Photo: Jeff Mclane, Courtesy the artist and Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects.

In this Issue...
This month's Sculpture investigates a range of work that explores our relationship with the cultural and natural environment: Ruben Ochoa's sculptures and installations capture movement and transition in raw materials, Mark Dion's work explores and critiques institutional representations of nature, Ann Hardy's poetic installations call attention to the strangeness of familiar settings, hermann de vries explores the disrupted relation of humanity and nature, and Lewis Colburn’s objects and installations exhibit history as a stage set.

Also, in the print and digital version of September's Sculpture - Itinerary, Commissions and ISC News.

September Online Feature:
Sweat Equity: A Conversation with Ruben Ochoa
From a public intervention mounted on freeway walls to undulating poles mimicking birds in flight, Ruben Ochoa’s sculptures and installations capture movement, transition, and formal beauty using raw construction materials-everything from wooden pallets to concrete and rebar...
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Executive Director's Letter
This issue investigates work exploring our relationship with the natural and cultural environment: Ruben Ochoa’s sculptures and installations capture movement and transition in diverse materials... read more.

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