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Dec 2017
Vol. 36 No. 9

A publication of the
International Sculpture Center

From the Executive Director

The sculptors featured this month deal with complex relationships of the physical, natural, and cultural worlds, fusing object, line, and shadow in unexpected ways: from Chiharu Shiota's resonant trajectories of memory and Sinead McKeever's complex upendings of certainty to Monika Sosnowska's disorienting investigations of architectural elements, Soo Sunny Park's interactive manipulations of light, form, and line, Naomi Campbell's engineered transformations of organic forms, and Tim Noble and Sue Webster's new approach to the energy of disorder.

Order comes from chaos, and from disorder there will again be order--this is the cycle of energy and creativity. It applies to nature and art, as well as to individuals and organizations. I think about this a lot, because when things get chaotic the most amazing breakthroughs can happen, especially at the ISC. We have had an incredible year, with lots of exciting new programs and collaborations. Turn to page 80 for some highlights and a sneak peek of the great things planned for 2018 and read more on our Web site. All ISC programming, including Sculpture magazine, is supported in part by members and readers like you. Please consider making a contribution by visiting  

-Johannah Hutchison, ISC Executive Director

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