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Dec 2017
Vol. 36 No. 10

A publication of the
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Imaginary Spaces Within: A Conversation with Soo Sunny Park
by Jan Garden Castro
Silver Linings, 2015. Starting with ordinary materials such as chain link fencing, Soo Sunny Park's sculptures and installations "catch" and interact with natural light. In a radical twist, changing light, rather than the work itself, is central to the viewer's experience. Park's most recent work reconfigures normally hidden construction materials such as rebar chairs, which support rebar within concrete, and metal lath, which reinforces plaster walls. Viewers entering her installations find themselves within consciousness-altering spaces that combine changing perspectives with concepts from physics, geometry, psychology, and aesthetics. ...see the entire article in the print version of sept's Sculpture magazine.

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Silver Linings, 2015. Stainless steel, tar paper, Mylar, and natural and artificial light, 9 x 58.33 x 19.916 ft.

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