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Jul/Aug 2017
Vol. 36 No. 6

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Unknown Extremes: A Conversation with Tania Kovats
By Ina Cole
Tania Kovats's work encompasses sculpture, installation, and large-scale, time-based projects that investigate the layered aspects of landscape-that which lies beneath and beyond what is perceived with the naked eye. These unknown spaces- shifting tides, weathered rock faces, wood grain, and even the uncharted territories of outer space-are mysteries to be unraveled. Interconnectivity is the key to understanding Kovats's practice; every action, however miniscule, sends a ripple that expands beyond its center to connect to everything that surrounds it. Water, in particular, has become an integral feature of her work, as seen in "Evaporation" and the seminal All the Sea. Kovats is currently creating a series inspired by three rivers-the Thames and the Wandle in London and the Exe in Devon. She is also producing a work that examines coral landscapes and coral bleaching for Hull UK City of Culture 2017. ...see the entire article in the print version of Jul/Aug's Sculpture magazine.

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One Billion Objects in Space, 2014. Mixed media, view of installation at the North West Cambridge Development site, Cambridge, U.K.

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