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October 2017
Vol. 36 No. 8

A publication of the
International Sculpture Center

From the Executive Director

This issue looks at sculptors' use of order and disorder, both in culture and perception, from Gabriel Dawe's translucent veils of string to Tai Hwa Goh's floating, paper-based installations and Dylan Mortimer's distinctive blending of spirituality and materialism. October is also our education issue, featuring the work of outstanding students from around the world. Be sure to read about the exceptional young winners of the 2017 Outstanding Student Achievement Awards on page 50. An exhibition of their work will be on view at the Belger Crane Yard Studio in Kansas City, October 6ľNovember 18, in conjunction with the ISC conference. Finally, this issue also includes an interview with Malcolm Cochran, recipient of the 2017 ISC Educator Award, whose works reveal a mindfulness of small artifacts and occurrences from which he extrapolates large gestures.

I am excited to announce the hiring of Cathy Christino as Publisher/Director of Marketing. A media professional with a proven record of success, most recently serving as Strategic Media Consultant for Sotheby's, Cathy will be responsible for establishing market position for digital and print publications, raising the profile of print and digital brands, expanding advertising sales programs, and managing circulation and newsstand marketing, as well as spearheading all growth initiatives for ISC programs. To find out more, visit the Press room at . If you want to share ideas about ISC publications, feel free to e-mail Cathy at

Johannah Hutchison,
ISC Executive Director

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