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October 2017
Vol. 36 No. 8

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Dylan Mortimer: Working Faith
by Neil Thrun
The God Particle Weeps Too, 2015. Dylan Mortimer is both an artist and an active Christian pastor, but just where one identity begins and the other ends is difficult to tell. He mixes Christian iconography with pop culture to create glitter-covered relief sculptures, more reminiscent of neon casino signs than church altarpieces. This combination of sincere Christian faith and materialist Pop art style may be an unusual, even contradictory combination, but it is uniquely honest to Mortimer's personal sense of both art and ministry. Mortimer graduated with a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2002 and received an MFA from the School of the Visual Arts in 2006. The reception of his work at these institutions was very different. At KCAI, his fellow students were mostly from the interior of the country; they grew up in Christian households, either thoroughly devout or just nominally religious, while his peers at SVA had mostly been raised as atheists. ...see the entire article in the print version of October's Sculpture magazine.

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The God Particle Weeps Too, 2015. Corrugated plastic, foam, paint, and glitter, 96 x 47 in.

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