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December 2018
Vol. 37 No. 10

A publication of the
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Minoru Ohira: Attractive to the Hand
by Kay Whitney
Beginning bw–2, 2003. Minoru Ohira uses wood in ways that make it seem like a newly discovered material. Surfaces flicker from light to dark--monochromatic or flecked with color, matte or gleaming, bristling with texture or smoothly uninflected, richly stained or overtly natural. Ohira, who remains true to a deeply profound and primal notion of nature, is committed to probing its capacity for beauty and revelation. His work begins with the most elemental definition of sculpture, relying on the simplest materials and methods. His most interesting objects are made solely of wood-- carved, shaped, assembled, jointed, or fastened. Despite the refinement and sophistication of his forms, they conjure memories of basic things in the world, including tools, shelters, and totemic objects; there is a sense that they are not made up, but have always been present.

Beginning bw–2, 2003. Burned, cut, and chopped white oak on wood form, 26 x 32 x 28 in.

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