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January/February 2018
Vol. 35 No. 9

A publication of the
International Sculpture Center

From the Executive Director

This issue features a line-up of international artists who explore the accidental and ephemeral. Lisa Seebach strikes a balance between control and improvisation in metal, ceramic, and mixed-media compositions. Lizi Sánchez creates provisional sculptures whose forms can continually alter in configuration. Silvia Rivas throws time into the equation, with video installations that manifest duration at a material level, while Isabel Nuņo de Buen constructs environments as malleable and constant as the architecture, experiences, and memories that inspire her. Chung Seoyoung emphasizes the arbitrary and rootless nature of things, and finally, Alisa Baremboym plays the illusion of perfection off an imperfect reality, creating enigmatic ceramic sculptures that masquerade as something else.

This year, you'll have many great opportunities to connect with the sculpture community, on-line and in person. We are introducing new International Sculpture cultural trips--the first to Mexico City in February; visit for more information. In the fall, we will be gathering in Philadelphia for our annual conference (see page 57 for details), and there will be many more meetings and gatherings around the U.S. and internationally. Mark your calendars for International Sculpture Day, April 28, when everyone can celebrate the importance of sculpture. And we will be honoring Alice Aycock and Betye Saar with the Lifetime Achievement Award (see page 54). To find out more about these events and other ISC programming, and to support the ISC, please visit  

-Johannah Hutchison, ISC Executive Director

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