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January/February 2018
Vol. 37 No. 1

A publication of the
International Sculpture Center
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Temporary Completion: A Conversation with Lizi Sánchez
By Rajesh Punj
As much about persuasion as indulgence, objects of desire depend on packaging and material matter for their allure. For London-based, Peruvian-born Lizi Sánchez, the careful design decisions made by conglomerates lead us to experience the world differently. She is interested in how such global judgments come to influence the substance of our lives and contribute to the disconnect between product and labor. Within this economy, color becomes a crafted currency. The same applies to shape, form, material, and display-- formal elements as integral to marketing as they are to creative work. By appropriating commercial colors and graphic elements and transposing their associations and symbolisms into her work while removing any traces of recognizable packaging, Sánchez deconstructs commodity culture, manipulating the rules of branding to create enticing, but ambiguous objects that defy the cult of the finished product, in both art and merchandizing. ...see the entire article in the print version of January/February's Sculpture magazine.

Every day, 2015–ongoing. Acrylic on plywood, 15 x 14.5 x 10 cm. each. Unique sculptures presented on a folding trestle.

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