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July/August 2018
Vol. 37 No. 6

A publication of the
International Sculpture Center
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Social Skins and Other Constructs: A Conversation with Wilmer Wilson IV
Untitled (Back) and
Untitled (Front), 2012–14. Pigment
prints, 45 x 29 in. each. Cross-disciplinary artist Wilmer Wilson IV focuses on the body, how gestures and everyday materials activate it, and how images of the body are transformed through context and enter the social realm. By exploring applied skins and the circulation of images, he resists the production of simplified icons without abandoning corporeal realities. Just beneath these layered surfaces, a vital tension pulses between the pictorial and the physical. Art spaces and the streets become immersive sites, urging us to make connections within the work and across history, linking past to present in edgy dialogue. Equally crucial is the dynamic between the temporal and the permanent-- the visceral punch and fleeting beauty of his gestures are matched by their ability to trigger ongoing thought....see the entire article in the print version of July/August's Sculpture magazine.

Untitled (Back) and Untitled (Front), 2012–14. Pigment prints, 45 x 29 in. each.

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