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June 18
Vol. 37 No. 4

A publication of the
International Sculpture Center
Kendall Buster, model City (Stage One), 2013 On the Cover
Kendall Buster, model City (Stage One), 2013. Paper, foam core, cardstock, paint, and glue, approx. 4.49 x 14 x 10 ft. Photo Siemon Allen.

In this Issue...
The artists featured this month are genre-busters, collapsing sculpture, architecture, design, technology, and science to play with perception, experience, and sense of place in a changing world. Kendall Buster's proliferating models ask how sculptural objects behave as architecture and vice-versa, giving new perspectives on spatial control. Hemali Bhuta, whose work is rooted in architectural ideas, rejects permanence and stability in favor of fragility and disruption. Alistair Wilson, another artist interested in ephemerality and process, draws inspiration from manmade places left to revert to nature; while Graeme Patterson roots his installations in places of alienation, where humans and the natural world frequently collide. Mariana Castillo Deball treats architecture as artifact, merging historical accounts and personal experience; and Sofi Zezmer interprets the urban experience through objects that double as organisms.

Also, in the print and digital version of June's Sculpture - Itinerary, Commissions and ISC News.

June Online Feature:
Animating Sculpture: A Conversation with Graeme Patterson
Graeme Patterson makes multi-disciplinary sculptural installations, often with the end game of stop-motion animation in mind...

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Executive Director's Letter
Don't forget to visit our sculpture parks and gardens section on page 58 for some great summer travel ideas... read more.

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