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November 2018
Vol. 37 No. 9

A publication of the
International Sculpture Center
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On the Edge of Being: A Conversation with Arcangelo Sassolino
by Joshua Reiman
Untitled, 2006–16. Steel and hydraulic
system, dimensions variable. The work you are about to encounter is like no other. Engineered for danger, Arcangelo Sassolino's sculptural machines explore power relations and conflict by subjecting materials to extreme force. The realities of physics are employed to deliver action and transformation. Then comes fear. Sassolino's sculptures are to be experienced and felt first hand. Your eyes will shutter, your ears will quake, and the floor will move. These works reveal a new understanding of what sculpture has become. No longer does material have to be formed into a representation of something else; instead, pure materials, joined with physical force, can render an expression directly. Getting closer to an action can get you closer to the truth of a material, while making you face your capacity and limitations as a viewer--as someone who has feelings, as well as deep-seated fears and pleasures. Highly engineered and controlled (or not), Sassolino's sculptures resonate long after you have seen them.

Untitled, 2006–16. Steel and hydraulic system, dimensions variable.

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