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October 2018
Vol. 37 No. 8

A publication of the
International Sculpture Center
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Susanna Bauer: A Poet in the Woods
By Scott Rothstein

Col -
lection (detail), 2015. Magnolia and
platanus leaves, wood, and cotton
yarn, dimensions variable. Small, intimate, and nuanced, the sculptures of Susanna Bauer express the intent of an artist thoroughly engaged with nature. In her hands, humble materials are reimagined into objects that resemble the familiar, only modified beyond expectation. Each work offers an acutely focused encounter. The ecosystem that Bauer renders is both of the world and of a territory slightly altered. Using twigs, leaves, stones, and thread, she builds objects that respect the integrity of her materials. Her sculptures are curated events; natural elements are in a manipulated state, yet still essentially intact. The artist's presence is always visible in these delicate works, as she ever so gently transitions what she has collected into considered and defined sculptures. Bauer illuminates nature in a heightened and magnified way, bringing materials out of their habitat and into a gallery setting. Her resolve to calibrate a mindful balance between found items and her response to them is always evident. With a consistent restraint expressed in every aspect of her work, she brings to form her affinity for things that are fragile and often overlooked by others.

Col - lection (detail), 2015. Magnolia and platanus leaves, wood, and cotton yarn, dimensions variable.

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