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October 2018
Vol. 37 No. 8

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Sarah Maloney: A New Image of Landscape
by Ray Cronin
Water Level, 2013. Bronze and steel, 148 cm. high. For the last 10 years, Halifax artist Sarah Maloney has been pushing her work toward a sculptural version of landscape. This may seem like an unusual move since the very idea of "landscape" is an intellectual construct, a way of seeing premised on an image rather than a way of being, and hence almost the anti - thesis of sculpture. Sculptures are objects--of the world, not a way of framing it. And yet, some recent sculpture has merged Minimalist and conceptual approaches with the staged image-making that Douglas Crimp described as "Pictures" art back in 1977. Structural as well as conceptual, Crimp's stagings represented other pictures, not things. Translated into three dimensions in the '80s and '90s, this notion allowed sculptors to exploit the multiple layers of content and context built into certain images and to use historical accretions and associations as additional materials. In such an intellectual context, perhaps Maloney's sculptural landscapes are not so difficult to understand.

Water Level, 2013. Bronze and steel, 148 cm. high.

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