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October 2018
Vol. 37 No. 8

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Ellen Driscoll: Fluid Perspectives
by Jennifer McGregor
Phantom Limb, 2007. Harvested #2 plastic, 7 x 8 x 14 ft. Ellen Driscoll, the recipient of the ISC's 2018 Outstanding Educator Award, applies a unique approach to storytelling and an inventive use of materials to her public artworks and smaller studio sculptures. In her practice, drawing and sculpture are interconnected and cross-pollinate to open up new ideas and forms. Whether working in ghostly white plastic, mosaic, or walnut and sumi inks, her projects fluidly map place and time while mining historical, environmental, and cultural themes. Over a decade ago, she began to take on issues of consumption, excess, and the effects of the petrochemical industry. More recently, she has introduced the resilience displayed by the natural world in the face of sociopolitical threats. In January 2007, while in residence at the MacDowell Colony, Driscoll pledged to work exclusively with repurposed or found materials. This promise led her to the Peterborough Town Recycling Center, where she began collecting gallon milk and water jugs.1 Back in New York, she continued harvesting #2 plastic in the early morning before sanitation department recycling trucks swept it away.

Phantom Limb, 2007. Harvested #2 plastic, 7 x 8 x 14 ft.

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