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Sculpture July/August 1998 Vol.17 No. 6

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At The White House: The First Lady's Sculpture Garden

First Lady Hillary Clinton talks about the White House sculpture garden and the series of exhibitions showcasing contemporary sculpture by American artists. by Mary Lynn Kotz

The Legacy of Alexander Calder

Alexander Calder's bright mobiles and large-scale public work changed the face of sculpture and influenced subsequent generations of sculptors. by Joan Marter

Nancy Grossman: Opus Volcanus

Nancy Grossman captures the absurdity and violence of human life in works that embody an aggressive, schizophrenic masquerade. by Robert C. Morgan

Catherine Widgery: Lost Sense

Catherine Widgery's sculpture eloquently addresses the devastation of the environment and the dichotomy of nature and culture. by John Grande




Site: Robert Irwin's Central Garden by Collette Chattopadhyay

Focus: Tova Beck-Friedman by Margaret Sheffield

Site: Vendome Memorial by Nick Capasso

Focus: Bill Viola by Elaine King





Paths to Success: Recently Emerged Artists by Anne Barclay Morgan


New York: Robert Grosvenor

San Francisco: Gay Outlaw

San Francisco: Kimberly Austin

Santa Monica: Victor Estrada

Denver: "Contemporary Metals USA"

Atlanta: Todd Murphy

Chicago: Miquel Navarro and Carmen Calvo

North Dartmouth, MA: Cecilia Vicuña

Baltimore: Daithí O'Glaisaín

Detroit: "Changing Spaces/A Touring Program of the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia"

New York: Willie Cole

New York: Sherry Markovitz

Kenosha, WI: Susan Falkman

Krakow: Brygida Serafin


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