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Sculpture March 1998 Vol.17 No. 3

Contents/Complete text in print version available at fine newsstands and through subscription.


Points of Departure: Public Art's Intentions, Indignities, and Interventions Patricia C. Phillips takes a close look at today's public art and asks the hard questions. by Patricia C. Phillips

A Geography of Home: Collaboration and Public Art Collaboration in the truest sense is the focus of Alan Finkel's journeys to a variety of sites to create public works. by Arlene Raven

Richard Tuttle: No Way You Can Frame It Richard Tuttle reverses the rigid, highly defined Modernist and Conceptualist paradigms by making the intangible, cerebral, and philosophical into the concrete. by Kathleen Whitney

Nature: The Sculpture of Winifred Lutz Winifred Lutz uses materials drawn from the earth in sculptures that are delicate contemplations of time, surface, perception, and mortality. by Tom Csaszar


Site: Herring Island Environmental Sculpture Park by Ken Scarlett

Focus: Tom Marioni by Terri Cohn

In the Studio: Matthew McCaslin by Michael Klein




Maintaining the Olympic Ring by Patricia Kerlin


San Francisco: Kathryn Spence

Santa Monica: Susan Hornbeak-Ortiz

San Francisco: David Ruddell

San Francisco: Clifford Rainey Baltimore: "X Site 97"

Bridgehampton, NY: Novanoah

New York: Cristina Iglesias

New York: Rita McBride

New York: "Four Acts in Glass"

New York: Toshiko Takaezu

Pittsburgh: "Elsewhere"

Houston: Linda Ridgeway

Hong Kong: Yann Kersalé

Dublin: "Street Art"

Oroñsko, Poland: Józef Szajna


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