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Sculpture May/June 1998 Vol.17 No. 5

Contents/Complete text in print version available at fine newsstands and through subscription.


Richard Hunt: Freeing the Human Soul

Richard Hunt discusses direct metal sculpture, public art, and the themes and forms of his work. by Jan Garden Castro

Off the Pedestal: Chicago and Public Sculpture, 1965 to 1975

The first generation of contemporary public sculpture in the United States had its origins in artist-organized outdoor sculpture exhibitions. by Stephen Luecking

Icons and Interventions in Chicago and the Potential of Public Art

Chicago's public art demonstrates the diversity and the difficulties inherent in public art in the 1990s. by Kathryn Hixson

Ingenious Simplicity: The Sculpture of H.C. Westermann

The inventiveness, wit, craft, and thoughtfulness of Westermann's work continue to influence contemporary art. by Michael Klein



Focus: Robert Stackhouse by Kathleen Whitney

In the Studio: Terrence Karpowicz by Mark Price

Site: Costas Varotsos by Zoe Kosmidou

Focus: Maria Dompé by Laura Tansini





Printing in 3D: Digital Sculpture by George Fifield


New York: Tom Butter

Los Angeles: Betye Saar

Washington, D.C.: "From Here"

Washington, D.C.: Tara Donovan

Andover, MA: Joel Shapiro

Long Island City, NY: Jackie Winsor

Winston-Salem, NC: Maya Lin

Seattle: Ray Parish

Toronto: Reinhard Reitzenstein and Carl Skelton

Sydney: Rosalie Gascoigne

Ljubljana, Slovenia: Goran Petercol


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