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Sculpture November1998 Vol.17 No. 9

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Experience, Complicity & Quality
Aesthetic experience is used to serve so many competing economic and political interests that we must be as clear as possible about why we value art.
 by Michael Brenson

The Body Vulnerable & Invulnerable: Contemporary German Sculpture
Contemporary German sculpture over the past several decades conveys the
primitive sense of the body as raw spatial and expressive presence.
by Donald Kuspit

Surprise Packages
 Both art and tourism are the offspring of modern industrialism and a separation
 of both work and leisure from the rest of life.
 by Lucy Lippard

Re-approaching Tony Smith
As can be seen in a recent retrospective, Tony Smith’s sculpture is about
grasping an underlying universal structure.
by Harriet F. Senie



In the Studio: Emilie Benes Brzezinski  by Twylene Moyer

Focus: Niki Ketchman  by Marty Carlock

Focus: Malcolm Cochran by Christopher A. Yates



The International Sculpture Center Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Awards


Kansas City: Ursula von Rydingsvard

Pasadena: Sarah Perry

San Francisco: Fabrications

San Francisco: Heidi Kumao

Middletown, CT: Figuring the Body

Chicago: Thomas Skomski

Boston: Art of the Spirit

Boston: Christopher Wilmarth

New York: Charles Ray

Yonkers, NY: Barbara Segal

Pittsburgh: Hall of American Indians

Virginia Beach: Objectivity

Paris: Dinos and Jake Chapman

Paris: Annette Messager

Kraków: Magdalena Abakanowicz

Dublin: Maud Cotter

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