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Sculpture October1998 Vol.17 No. 8

Contents/Complete text in print version available at fine newsstands and through subscription.


Upright: The Height and Depth of Gloria Kisch

The sculpture of Gloria Kisch is as harmonious in intent and conception as the individual works are diverse in means and materials. by Arlene Raven

Robert Irwin: De-objectifications for Philosophic and Actual Bodies

Robert Irwin’s precision, attention to minute detail, and philosophical concern are evident in his newest installations. by Carolee Thea

Community Re-investment: A Project for Artists?

Which aspects of the artist space movement can contribute to a reinvention of alternative spaces rather than a nostalgic replication of these vital institutions? by Joyce Fernandes

Changing Alternative Spaces—Looking to the Next Century

Alternative arts spaces have made dramatic changes in the ‘90s, adapting in various ways to the new climate in the arts and society. by Jane Ingram Allen




Focus: Robert Maki by Matthew Kangas

Focus: Wendy Jacob by Michelle Grabner

Focus: Arthur Ganson by Ann Wilson Lloyd


Dimensions: Questions by Eduardo Chillida


Third International Conference of Cast Iron Art by Mary Bates


New York: Gillian Jagger

San Diego: Silvia Gruner

San Francisco: Bella Feldman

San Francisco: Gary Hill

San Francisco: Lucy Puls

Santa Monica: Lewis DeSoto

Framingham, MA: Michael Dowling

New York: Patricia Cronin

Yonkers, NY: Al Landzberg

Raleigh, NC: Louise Bourgeois

Seattle: Ed Wicklander

London: Per Kirkeby

Belfast/Dublin: Connect

Darmstadt: Pietro Consagra

Melbourne: Peter Kennedy

Dispatch: Pierwalk ‘98


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