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Sculpture September 1998 Vol.17 No. 7

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The Art of Elisa Arimany

One of Spainís most prominent artists explores space, materials, and social forces. by Nancy G. Heller

Transforming Public Space: An Interview with Michael Singer

Michael Singer work has been recognized for his original approach to the integration of aesthetics and social needs in public art. by John Grande

From the Political to the Popular: An Interview with Conrad Atkinson

Conrad Atkinson, whose art comments on specific social injustices and broad political concerns, talks about sculpture, craft, and social meaning. by Rebecca Dimling Cochran

Museums at the Millennium

Corporate sponsorship of museum exhibitions is creating a romanticized, sanitized, and aestheticized urban landscape. by Maureen Sherlock




Focus: Claudia Fitch by Kathleen Whitney

Focus: Judit Hersko by Leah Ollman

Focus: Ken Little by Glen R. Brown



17th International Sculpture Conference Report


Seattle: John McQueen

Los Angeles: Christel Dillbohner and Lothar Schmitz

Irvine, CA: Yukinori Yanagi

Washington, D.C.: Kiki Smith

Washington, D.C.: George Segal

Washington, D.C.: Imi Hwangbo

Royal Oak, MI: Joan Livingstone

New York: Francisco Leiro

New York: Jonathan Shahn

New York: Billy Lee

New York: Burke Paterson

Pullman, WA: Mel Chin

Florence: Mario Ceroli

Rome: Alfredo Pirri

Krakow: Jerzy Bere´s

London: Anish Kapoor


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