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Sculpture April 1999 Vol.18 No. 3

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James Carl

James Carl has made a career of making "disposable art" that calls into question the position of art in the cycle of production and consumption. by John K. Grande

Art & Ecology: Three Canadian Sculptors

Anne-Marie Beneteau, Claire Brunet, and Irene F. Wittome construct dialogues about issues of ecosystem fragility and modern industrial enroachment. by Virginia Maksymowicz

Miguel Berrocal: The Puzzle of Existence

Miguel Berrocal's work is born from a cultural understanding of and an ironic distance from classical form and traditional Western sculpture. by Robert C. Morgan

Berlin Glitkrieg

The frenzy of construction in a rebuilding Berlin is also reflected in the number and diversity of events, artists, and venues in the city's booming art scene. by Carolee Thea

In Pursuit of Memory: Berlin, Bamberg, and the Specter of History

Berlin is a primary focus of current reconsiderations of cultural memory, political ideology, public commemoration, and sculptural possibilities. by Harriet F. Senie


In the Studio: Henri Foucault: Capturing Light Rays by Jan Garden Castro

Focus: Don Gommer: Building a House without Plans by Mary Lynn Kotz

Focus: Andras Borocz by Lois MArtin


New York: Julie Allen

Santa Monica, CA: Anne Baxter

Washington DC: Saint Claire Cemin

Miami: Elizabeth Hall

Miami: Ann Hamilton

Atlanta: Monika Weiss

Ypsilanti, MI: Duane Paxson

Shady, NY: Elena Zang Gallery Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition

Philadelphia: Steven Zucker

Pittsburgh: Kikki Smith

Milwaukee: Midwest Express Center

Budapest, Hungary: Richard Torok

Turin, Italy: Christo & Jeanne-Claude

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