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December 1999 - Vol.18 No. 10

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Karin Sander: Hybrid Encounters
Karin Sander’s miniature figure sculptures, which recall dolls or toys as well as science fiction scenarios, challenge the conventions of the genre.
by Gregory Volk

The Object as Protagonist: an Interview with Los Carpinteros (in English )
El Objeto Protagonista: Una Intrevista con Los Carpinteros (Spanish translation )
The elegant and humorous sculpture of Alexandre Arrechea, Marco Castillo, and Dagoberto Rodriguez draws inspiration from architecture, furniture, and daily life.
by Rosa Lowinger

Signs and Wonders
A number of contemporary artists explore the liminal world between the technical and the human while also demonstrating a millennial longing for transcendence.
by Nancy Bless

Humanizing the Machine
Electronic systems provide kinetic sculpture with greater mobility and more humanlike randomness of motion, enhancing some artists’ desire to demystify the machine.
by Jim Jenkins


Focus: Joe Seipel by Mark S. Price

Focus: Siemon Allen by Chris Gilbert

Focus: Nikos Navridis by Zoe Kosmidou


Bilbao: Eduardo Chillida and Richard Serra

San Diego: Valeska Soares

Santa Monica: Jim Isermann

Washington, DC: Dennis Oppenheim

Fort Lauderdale: Alfredo Jaar

Tampa: Atelier van Lieshout

Baltimore: Artscape 2000 Minus 1

Grand Rapids: Elona Van Gent

New York: Tracey Emin

Charleston: Spoleto Festival 1999

Tacoma, WA: The Art Guys

Copenhagen: “Hvid”

Kraków, Poland: Marek Chlanda

Vienna: Stanislav Kolíbal

Book Review: Conceptual Art,

New Media, and Landscape and

Environmental Art

Book Review: Public Art in China

Dispatch: HorseHead International 1999

and “Sculpture: 40, 000 Years Later”

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