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Sculpture September 1999 Vol.18 No. 7

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Nils-Udo: Nature Works
Active in environmental art since the 1960s, Nils-Udo has developed a sculptural language that evokes both the natural environment and human intervention.
by John K. Grande

Sculpture Moves Outdoors
New sculpture parks and gardens are being established at a rapid rate, and established institutions are expanding their spaces and their activities.
by Brooke Barrie

Peter D. Cole: Civilizing the Bush
Australian artist Peter D. Cole uses repeated symbolic elements to distill a poetic vision of the Australian bush.
by Ken Scarlett

Three Australian Women Exploring the Landscape
Marea Gazzard, Janet Laurence, and Joan Brassil create sculpture that shows widely divergent responses to the Australian landscape.
by Tempe McGowan

Interview with 1st Floor Artists
Lyndal Walker and David Rosetzky discuss Australia’s artist-run art spaces, fashion in art and culture, over-designed spaces, and their own recent installations.
by Allison Ritch


Focus: Tony Feher by Chris Gilbert

Focus: Neil Grimmer by David Hunt

Focus: Jesse Paul Miller by Matthew Kangas



Los Angeles: Sylvie Fleury, John

Armleder, Antony Gormley

Santa Monica: Guy Dill

Atlanta: Allan Wexler

Newton, MA: Murray Dewart

Minneapolis: Don Gahr

Santa Fe: "Postmark"

New York: Carl Andre

New York: Elisa D’Arrigo

New York: Tom Doyle and Larry Fane

New York: Picasso, Painter and Sculptor in Clay

New York: Richard Stankiewicz

Salem, OR: Robert Hess

Dublin, Ireland: Cathy Carman

Belfast, Northern Ireland: "Archetype"

Rome: Cy Twombly

Book Review: Phaidon Press: Versions of Art History

Dispatch: Singapore

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