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"Problems and Ambiguities
At this time, it is almost impossible not to be interested in everything. To that end, I try to maintain a balance that includes a focus and a dissipation on the boundaries of my endeavor. There is a generative quality to sculpture and computer work in this particular moment which is fascinating. Pygmalion is on a rampage. To that end I have begun to focus more carefully on the moral, psychological, and spiritual problems of artificial intelligence against the backdrop of my sculptures from 1993. Regardless of the media used, one has a persistent feeling that one is in possession of something "real" yielded from the ritual of creating art or intelligence."

Michael Rees


Michael Rees is a sculptor living locally and working globally. He has exhibited his work in Europe and the United States both in private and public venues. He is collected by the Whitney Museum of American Art and by the Edelman Foundation in Luzern, Switzerland. He was included in the 1995 Whitney Biennial and in 1997 in "Michael Rees: Digital Psyche" at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City. In November of 1998 he held a one person exhibit at Central Fine Arts, New York.

In 1998, selected articles have appeared about his work in World Art, Artbyte, Sculpture Magazine, Art in America, The New York Times and The New Art Examiner, Computer Graphics World, and Popular Mechanics. In 1999 articles have appeared in the New York Times, Time Digital, The Atlantic Unbound, Flash Art and Art New England.

In 1999 he will participate in "Digital Hybrids" at the Mcdonough Museum, in Youngstown, Ohio and will do a one person show "Artificial Sculpture" at the Forum for Contemporary Art in St. Louis. "Artificial Sculpture" will contain work realized in various elements and media. There will be a web based software interface for generating 3d sculptures, a coporeal installation based upon text, image and object, and a set of simple animations (drawings) based upon the installation.

Rees has also written and lectured widely about "art and rapid prototying" and "rapid prototyping". He wrote one of the first articles ever written on the potential for the creation of fully colored prototypes in automatic construction. His articles can be accessed at

In 1999-2000 Rees will teach at Washington University in St. Louis and is on the Subcommittee for THE STUDIO at Siggraph '99 in Los Angeles

Michael Rees
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St. Louis, Mo 63101




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