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NOVEMBER 16, 2012

Transformative Vision
The November 16th ISConnects event at Grounds for Sculpture offered guests a unique opportunity to learn about how technology is shaping sculptural practice. In the afternoon, attendees were taken on a guided tour of the Johnson Digital Atelier, where Jon Lash and his team revolutionize sculptural molding and design with high-tech machinery and digital mapping. Attendees were also able to take a guided trolley tour of the Grounds for Sculpture, and hear the history behind someone of the pieces currently on display.

Attendees then met in the screening room for presentations by Jon Lash and artists Frank Benson and Richard DuPont. Both artists use the human form, working with digital mapping technology for accuracy and various other computer programming to create the distortions and effects that they desire in otherwise realistic forms.

Followed by the talks, ISConnects guests walked over to the Grounds for Sculpture museum building, where they enjoyed an intimate reception beneath the hanging work or Richard Taplinís exhibit The Five Outer Planets, which also features casting and the human body.

NOVEMBER 16, 2012 GROUNDS FOR SCULPTURE Transformative Vision
from International Sculpture Center on Vimeo.

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