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The International Sculpture Center Presents

May 30, 2012
Against the Grain: Strategies, Choices, and Controversies of Women in Sculpture

Artists, students, educators, and enthusiasts gathered at the National Academy Museum in New York City on May 30th, 2012 to for a lively panel discussion with prestigious female sculptors. Joan M. Marter, Ph.D. Distinguished Professor of Art History at Rutgers University and co-editor of Woman’s Art Journal moderated the event, which included panelists Lin Emery, Nancy Grossman, Pat Lasch, and Rhoda Sherbell discussing the advancement of women sculptors since the mid-20th century. Over 120 guests enjoyed artist slides, video, and personal stories about each sculptors’ challenges and success.

After the panel, guests continued the conversation with a Q&A segment, followed by networking and one-on-one conversations with the artists.
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