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Johnson Art and Education Foundation

ISConnects is an exciting collaborative effort between the International Sculpture Center and other world-renowned organizations. Launched in 2011, ISConnects explores the unique perspectives on sculpture in the contemporary art world. Together, the ISC and its partner organizations offer intimate and accessible programming that addresses cutting-edge, timely trends in sculpture through lively and insightful discourse.

Each ISConnects program features presenters that include emerging and established artists, journalists and authors, academics and arts administrators, ISC Award winners and many other individuals with unique viewpoints on sculpture.

Programming includes special access to traveling exhibitions, conversations with artists, panel discussions and much more. Each event is different from the next! Canít attend an event? You can watch for free, here, on the ISConnects website.

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Will Bruder
Will Bruder, well-known Arizona architect, brings his sculptorís sensitivity to the physical properties of the materiality of his architecture, exhibited through both his practice and his teaching.

Kendall Buster
Kendall Buster, internationally recognized artist and teacher, is trained as an architect, and builds sculptures that often offer accessible interior space to enter and explore.

Matt Lehrman
Matt Lehrman is an experienced and accomplished driver of mission-based organizations. Drawing upon leadership experiences in arts & cultural management, corporate sales, entrepreneurship, marketing & audience development, fundraising, legislative advocacy and community organizing, Lehrman's passion and expertise is to help mission-based organizations advance with purpose - from wherever they are to wherever they intend to be.

Jeffrey Stein
Jeffrey Stein, President of Cosanti Foundation and former head of Boston Architectural College, has a creative practice that spans a philosophy of collective living to design of dwellings and gathering places that become sculptural forms.