International Sculpture Day,
    April 27, 2019

    On Saturday, April 27, 2019 the world celebrated the 5th annual International Sculpture Day, or ISDay.

    The 5th celebration was larger than we could have imagined. More than 800 organizations in over 45 countries participated this year. The ISC’s homepage streamed #isday throughout the weekend of April 27 with an outreach of over 18,000,000 impressions.

    The ISC collaborated with Carole Feuerman and exhibited 5 of our 2018 Student Award Recipients for Mana Contemporary’s Spring open house in her studio!

    We would like to thank everyone who helped to make this fifth ISDay such a success. Want to participate in 2020? Contact e-mail or call 609-689-1051 x312 for more information.

    Check back soon for information on 2020 ISDay events.

    Check out what people did around the world for ISDay!

    Find out more about all our member
    organizations who celebrated ISDay with us...

    Al Green Sculpture Studio & School
    Alfred University, National Casting Center Foundry, Sculpture
    Alice F. and Harris K. Weston Art Gallery
    AMEBA (Artists of the Motor Exhibit Building) located @ Grounds for Sculpture
    Annette Goodfriend
    Ariel Moscovici
    Ars.Natura.Uta - Zona Achocalla, La Paz, BOLIVIA
    ARTAK Studio
    Art Gallery of Algoma
    Artist, Motor Exhibit Building
    ART SPACE 2000+
    Association for Public Art
    Association les Amis du Musee Gertrude Schoen
    Atelier SBK
    Bernardo Vallarino Art
    BFD Firehouse Studios
    Boston Sculptors Gallery
    Bradley University
    c/o Boston Sculptors Gallery
    Bruning Sculpture
    C24 Gallery
    California Sculptors Symposium
    CampSite/University of Cincinnati
    Carlos Davila
    Carol Brookes Art
    Carolina Bronze Sculpture
    Carolyn Nelson
    Casselberry Art House
    Cast Light Studio
    Catherine Daley
    Central Sculpture Works
    Chicago Sculpture International
    China Artist Assosiation
    Chin Chih Yang
    Christopher Nitsche at the Mobile Museum of Art
    Concrete Gallery
    City of Loveland Art in Public Places
    Culver Studio
    Cynthia S. Handel
    David Erdman Sculpture
    Dendroica Gallery
    Denver Botanic Gardens
    Digital Giraffe
    Earl Dismuke Sculpture
    Eric Stein
    Fay Wood Studio
    Fernanda Frangetto Art
    Folwell Studios
    fooLPRoof contemporary art gallery
    Franconia Sculpture Park
    Gary Kulak Sculpture LLC
    Gina Lee Robbins
    Greenleaf Art Studio
    Grounds For Sculpture
    Harries Heder
    Harriet Zeitlin
    Helle Rask Crawford
    Indiana University
    Innisfil Sculpture Group
    International School of Creative Arts
    Jann Nunn
    Josephine Sculpture Park
    Karl Chilcott
    Stephen Keltner
    Kim Thoman
    Krasl Art Center
    Kriya Art House
    Kristin Lindseth
    Larry Graeber
    Lunarburn Studio llc

    Lynden Sculpture Garden
    Malynda Cooper
    Mara Odette, Artist
    Marcia Raff Studio
    Marjorie Woodruff
    Meryl Taradash
    #NoMiSculpture - Michigan Legacy Art Park
    Michigan State University
    Mike Gyampo
    Missouri State University
    Morante Arts LLC
    Museum Of Cotton Sculptures
    National Sculpture Society
    Niki Ketchman Fine Art
    Oceana Rain Stuart Sculpture
    Oleg Lobykin
    Ono Studio
    Orcastone Studios
    Pacific Northwest Sculptors Association
    Pacific Rim Sculptors
    Paquin Artworks
    Parvin Farzaneh
    Peace River Botanical & Sculpture Gardens, Inc.
    Judith Peck, Professor Emerita of Art, Ramapo College of New Jersey
    Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum
    Ray Katz Sculptor LLC
    Rbhu - Engineering Imagination
    Richardson Studios, Inc.
    Ringling College of Art & Design
    Rockland Center for the Arts
    Rourke Art Museum
    Ruth Aizuss Migdal Studio
    Sabine Senft + Texas Sculpture Group+ NYFA
    SANS1 Studios
    Sax Stone Carving Workshops
    School of Art, Design and Printing Technology, Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu, Nigeria
    Scottsdale Public Art
    Sculptors Association of Nigeria (ScAN)
    Sculptor Paul Bruneau
    Sculpture for New Orleans
    Select Year Of Birth
    Silvermine Arts Center
    SoulArt Inc
    Southwestern University
    St. Francis of Assisi Sculpture Garden for Prayer and Meditation
    Studio 20
    Studio Bienvenu
    Studio20, MEB building
    Richard Sturgeon - London Artists Studio Tour
    Summit Public Art, Grounding The Sky
    Syd Dunton
    T Barny Gallery & Sculpture Gardens
    Texas Sculpture Group
    Texas Society of Sculptors - 27th Sculptfest
    Texas State University
    The Art In The Everyday Community Quilt Project
    The Color Project TM
    The Kreeger Museum
    The Myth Makers
    The Sculpture Park @ Waitakaruru Arboretum
    Tmima Studio, New York -- USA
    University of Alberta Department of Art and Design Sculpture Division
    University of Colorado
    University of Delaware
    University of Virginia Sculpture Community
    Vicki Scuri SiteWorks
    Virginia Folkestad Sculptor
    Won Lee

    And hundreds more organizations participated!