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Above: Downtown Skyline, photo by Dan White. Courtesy of Visit Kansas City.

Call for Panels

Call for Panels

The Call for Panels is open now!

The International Sculpture Center is seeking a diverse and comprehensive program, covering topics relevant to sculpture today at the 27th International Sculpture Conference in Kansas City Fall 2017.

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Following are the Call for Panels topics:
  • Art, Architecture & the Urban Fabric
    How have collaborative visual artists and architects dealt with the complexity and diversity of their urban surroundings? How have they transformed their various environments? Do these projects or installations alter our perception of their locations?

  • Catalyzing Collective Action through Art - How does public and contextual art bring people together?
    What does it mean to connect and act within a community? How does this give us a sense of identity? Can a community lose its identity? Can art "bring us together"? This topic will address how art can shape, as well as be shaped by, individuals acting together. It will also explore art projects or organizations that focus on collective identity.

  • Material Identity
    This topic will focus on artists that consider the diversity of their materials. Do materials have identity? How can the identity of a work be affected by the use of materials? Does the source of the materials matter? How can the identity of materials change depending on the way they are used or where they come from?

  • Advancing Diversity in the Arts
    This will address how arts organizations are actively addressing the lack of diversity in their programs, exhibitions, organization, etc. It can discuss programs or action plans to be more inclusive in the arts and should include education (primary, secondary, and higher education), galleries, museums, sculpture parks, and non-profits.

  • Creating the Artist - The Business of Constructing an Identity in the Art World
    Is it important to be represented by a gallery? How do artists promote their work around the world (internationally and regionally)? This topic will focus on the business of art including applications (where to find RFPs, training on proposal submissions commissions and/or public art projects), self-marketing (including video, web, social media, print, and books), grant writing, and other useful skills and tools for artists. Workshop proposals can be included.

  • The Politics of "Sustainability" in the Arts
    This topic will focus on projects that engage with the environment to elicit positive change. Can art point the way to a more ecologically sustainable future? How and why does art matter in these ecologically trying times? This can involve the "green movement", address climate change, ecology, land art, performance, etc.

  • Perspectives on Art Writing
    How can artists engage with art writers? How can artists become better writers? Has this been introduced in higher education art programs? This topic can focus on ideas of the artist as art writer or critic, or the non-artist art writer or critic. How can they engage? Helpful tips? Etc.

  • Digital Fabrication and the "Artist's Touch"
    Is the contemporary artist more of a designer? Who defines a "maker"? This topic can discuss the importance of human touch in art making, as well as address artists who use computer technologies over traditional methods, or artists who have found new and exciting ways to combine the two skill sets. This topic can also include how a global perspective is introduced through traditional processes and how they are used today.

  • Citizenship through Art - What does it mean to belong?
    How do artists engage with the idea of citizenship and belonging? What strategies do they employ to address concepts, political statements, and identity within a country, region, community, or site? What can be learned from their artwork and backstory?

  • Wildcard
    Any topics in contemporary sculpture, including historical perspectives, conservation, new methods and materials, workshop ideas, etc.
All panel proposals must be submitted electronically via the form on the ISC website. No faxed, mailed, or emailed abstracts will be accepted.

The deadline for submissions is March 13, 2017. All late proposals will automatically be placed on a waiting list.

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