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Above: James O'Toole, Steelworkers Monument, 2001. Image courtesy of Charles FG Beal via

Call for Panels

Call for Panels

The Call for Panels is open now through March 9, 2016.

The International Sculpture Center is seeking a diverse and comprehensive program, covering topics relevant to sculpture today, at the 26th International Sculpture Conference: Sculpture in Context: Tradition and Innovation in 2016.

All panel proposals must be submitted electronically via the form on the ISC website. No faxed, mailed, or emailed abstracts will be accepted.

The deadline for submissions is March 9, 2016. All late proposals will automatically be placed on a waiting list.

The year's conference will focus on topics in contemporary sculpture and proposals submitted should fall into the below categories. We are looking for panels which explore the following topics and ideas:
  1. Art in Context - Sculpture and Placemaking (Socially Engaged Art)
    This topic explores examples of creative placemaking today, and its impact for artists, communities, and economies. To discuss projects in contextual practice, socially engaged art, affecting change. Possible focus: food, politics, performance, environment, and community, among many others.

  2. Artistic Process Today - Studio/Post Studio
    How do sculptors develop ideas? What are the most relevant processes today for transforming ideas into three-dimensional art? Is the studio still the most creative space for contemporary artists?

  3. Collaborative Commissions
    Exploring how artists, local non-profits, artist collectives, architects, landscape architects, and other creatives can work together to cross boundaries and take a step beyond individual skill sets.

  4. Digital Practice / Physical Computing
    Explores the exploding edges and boundaries of digital practice, including physical computing, iteration, robotics, and making in a virtual world.

  5. Diversity in Art
    Discussing how the arts can promote authentic dialogue about race, culture, and disability that embrace the complexities of underlying social and historical issues. Is the sculpture community all-inclusive? Are artists of various backgrounds being fairly represented in sculpture? Are educators doing their job in training people from diverse backgrounds, and how can the educational system promote the arts as a viable framework for a diverse community?

  6. Object Making
    Diving into the nuts and bolts of makers: including studio processes, materials, techniques, tools, equipment, and more.

  7. Objective Non Objects - The Elements
    Elements like water, light, and sound engage the senses and create experience. This topic explores the capacity of elements in sculpture.

  8. Material Studies - Industry that Inspires
    Materials like iron, glass, steel, and aluminum are renowned both in Pittsburgh and around the world for the traditions surrounding their history and innovations amongst new technologies. This topic will present a survey of industrial material(s) and contextualize their use in sculptural practice.

  9. Sculptural Practice in Environmental Sustainability
    Discussing creative re-use, transformation, and environmental consciousness in sculpture.

  10. Site Specificity - The Transformative Nature of Sculpture on an Urban Community
    Exploring how sculpture can revitalize, bridge gaps, and engage existing and new audiences in urban communities, and also the negative aspects of this work.

  11. Wildcard Topic
    Including connecting with global communities, the business of being an artist, navigating public art commissions, and other topics in contemporary sculpture.
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