Chapter Gallery
The Chapter Gallery
showcases ISC Chapters

Installation of "Avenue of Sculpture". Ron Gard, Ted Sitting Crow Garner, Terry Karpowicz.
"Avenue of Sculpture" at the Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL. 2010.
Palm Shadow, by Cynthia Handel, Steel.

All You Do Is Raise Hell, by Arthur Comings, Mixed Media
Goddesses and Creatures, by Flavia Krasilchik, Mixed Media.
Bronze pour by Jann Nunn, Professor of Sculpture at Sonoma S, Bronze.
Maker's Mark, by T. Barny, Stone.
S-Curve, by Michael Walsh, Steel.

Manhattan Revisited, by Nikki Schrager, Mixed Media.

Arc of the Atlas, by Jann Nunn, Mixed Media.
by Jeff Owen, Steel.

Somewhere I Have Never Traveled, by Maru Hoeber, Porcelain.
TSG member Gabriel Dawe's thread installation.
TSG Exhibit, 'Under the Rotunda', Texas State Capitol, Austin, TX, June 2013
TSG meeting with ISC Director, Johannah Hutchison at Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum, San Antonio, TX, 2009.
Member's gathering at Bill FitzGibbon's studio in San Antonio, TX, 2012.
Curator Jed Norse of the Nasher Sculpture Center giving the TSG Board a tour of the collection, Dallas, TX, 2013.
Gallery opening in Houston, TX, 2011.
Scale Conference, Blue Star Contemporary Museum, San Antonio, TX, 2012.
All-members meeting at 'Itchy Acres' studio complex in Houston, TX, 2011.
TSG Co-chair Bill FitzGibbon's project, 'Light Rails', installed in Birmingham, AL, 2013.
TSG Honorary Member, James Surls' work.
Installation by the late Lee Littlefield at TSG's 'Texas Uprising' in the San Antonio Botanical Gardens, San Antonio, TX.

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