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Che Ju Sculpture Park, Shin Chun Jee Art
2_Ri, Aewol-Up.
Pukcheju-Gun, Che Ju, South Korea 695-905.
Contact: Ms. Hae Won Kim. (02) 379-4408. Fax . .
Geumgang Nature Art Park and Biennale
Yeomisan Mountain.
Gongju, South Korea .
Contact: . 81-041-853-8828. Fax . .
National Museum of Contemporary Art
Seoul Land Gil 209 San 58-1.
Seoul, South Korea 427-080.
Contact: . 52 22188 6000. Fax . .
New Sejoong Traditional Stone Museum
1 Yang-jiri.
Seoul, South Korea .
Contact: . 82 31 321 7001. Fax . .
Pocheon Art Valley
Pocheon Art Valley is established in what used to be a granite quarry. The quarry became the site of the nationís first shared culture and art complex in 2009. The valley has had over 1,000,000 visitors by 2014. Various programs such as a planned exhibition, weekend performance, planned performance and others are prepared for visitors. Also, Pocheon Art Valley Astronomical Science Museum officially opened on August 1, 2014 as a spot for space science, comprised of an exhibition hall for space, cutting-edge 4D video room, and astronomical observation room that offers constellation reading.
Art Valley 5F. 116-1, Bugok-ri, Jangheung-Myeon.
YangJu-city, South Korea 482-812.
Contact: Youngdal Yoon. +82-31-538-3484, 348. Fax . Open all year round Summer 09:00-22:00 Winter 09:00-21:00 * Last admission is two hours before closing. 09:00-19:00 * Monday (Mondays (excluding public holidays)) * Last admission is one hour before closing. .