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Jozef Sumichrast

465 Beverly pl
Lake Forest, IL 60045, U.S.A.
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Phone: (847) 295-0255

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"Sculptor Jözef Sumichrast cultivates ideas through his unique blueprint" drawing. He shares his life's experiences by visually expressing them. He works figuratively and yet does not consider himself to be just a realist but also an abstract sculptor. "Sumichrast's art is a unique and personal statement. A statement that is somehow both shared and guarded. He wants to tell us everything and keep it a secret at the same time. After having his legs surgically reattached a year ago, the color red began to appear in his sculpture. This was followed by the addition cut marks in his work. Various metal fasteners, such as staples, screws and bolts, which were previously hidden, are now embellished. Current projects such as, "Large Narrow Horse", and "Narrow Horses II", have sections of the anatomy permanently removed. The viewer can understand the connection. However, there has never been an explanation for his surgery. There remains a mystery about the art and the artist."
Adrienne M. Golub, Art Papers, Tampa, Florida 2001 

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Selected Awards and Honors

2002 The International Art Exhibition Nicosia, Cyprus, bronze medal

1997 Illinois Arts Council, grant for Visual Arts

1990 Los Angeles Society of Artists annual Show, gold medal

1985 Artist Guild of Chicago, annual show, gold medal

1985 Clio Award, Carl Ally Chairman

1983 New York Art Directors Club, Andrew T. Kner, President, 62nd annual exhibition, silver medal

1981 International Exhibition of Graphic Arts Amostra, Internacional De Arts Curitra, Brazil, gold medal

Selected Exhibitions

2003 Toyamura International Sculpture Biennale, Hokkaido, Japan 

2002 The International Art Exhibition Nicosia, Cyprus

2001 Toyamura International Sculpture Biennale, Hokkaido, Japan

2001 Exhibition, Indianapolis Art Center, Indianapolis, Indiana

2000 Maquette Exhibition 3-D Chicago, State of Illinois Building, Thompson Center

2000 Pier Walk 2000, Navy Pier, Chicago, Illinois

2000 15th Evanston & Vicinity Biennial, Center for Visual Arts, Evanston, IL

1999 "Small Packages", Wood Street Gallery, Chicago, IL

1998 "Sculpture from the West", Atelier Gallery, New York, NY

1998 "Facing / Figuring Realities", Northwestern University, Chicago, IL

1996 Jözef Sumichrast, Sculpture, Carole Jones Gallery, Chicago, IL

1996 39th National Exhibition of American Art, New York

1995 Art Institute of Chicago, Blake Court, Chicago, IL

1990 United Nations Building, Earth Island Institute, NY, NY

1985 Center National d'Art Contemporin et de Cultural Georges Pompidou, Paris, France


Sumichrast's sculpture emanates cultic dignity and striking directness. His subject is clearly stated; salient features are prominent, often deliberately emphasized; component volumes and mass are restructured in a stylized balance, a harmony which is this artist's alone. Although there is a distinct, imaginative hand in Sumichrast's work, one feels that it would accord well if retrieved from the ancient Middle East, Assyria, or Neolithic Europe. The sculpted totem lingers in this art, and that presence endures in each viewing.

G. Jurek Polanski
Contemporary Art of Chicago 2008