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John Henry

The Structure Group, 1100 E. 16th St.
Chattanooga, TN 37408, U.S.A.
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Phone: 423-266-9914     Fax: 423-265-4579

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As the aptness of the phrase "drawing in space" suggests, the aesthetic of assembled sculpture is essentially pictorial. It involves illusions, typically, of lightness and stopped motion. John Henry's welded-steel Illinois Landscape No. 5 provides an extreme example: the color and disposition of its huge components deny the literal weight of all that material and produce an impression of flying and tumbling. Like paintings, such pieces work best from certain optimum distances and angles of viewing, and the outdoor siting of them is a problem, above all, of "framing". Framed on its knoll against a brilliant blue sky on a windy day, as was the case when I saw it, Illinois Landscape #5 is nothing short of spectacular. --Excerpted from the catalogue for the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park, written by Peter Schjeldahl


For many years John Henry's large-scale public works have had a distinctive and seemingly similar appearance. His signature pieces are disbursed throughout the world in public, private and museum collections.

Most recently his work has become less uniform in regard to color and shape allowing for a more varied and flexible approach to specific sites. He is presently building a series of works which are suspended from above as well as pieces which are both large in scale and extend out from the surface. There has also been significant change in his large scale free standing works which continue to push the envelope of engineering.

The use of automotive finishes as well as traditional gold and palladium gilding has also contributed to an expanded vocabulary within Henry's formal approach to sculpture. John Henry's sculpture is designed, engineered, fabricated and erected by his own organization. He has a long track record extending more than 30 years of successful projects with local, state and federal governments.

He is particularly sensitive to issues of appropriateness when working in the public arena. His experience in building works which interact with architecture and the environment is well documented. The selection of materials and finish in Henry's sculpture is governed by the individual project requirements which assure structural integrity and minimum maintenance. Numerous site visits and interaction with community citizenry is an integral element in his conceptual development of the design process.


An extensive list of professional references are available upon request.


Galleries currently representing John R. Henry:   

Gary Nader Fine Art

Gary Nader- Owner/Director

Conrad- Director of Operations

62 N.E. 27th Street

Miami, FL 33137

T 1.305.576.0256

F 1.305.576.0948  


Angus Broadbent- Owner/Director

Lacey West- Director of Operations

25 Chepstow Corner

Chepstow Place

London W2 4XE UK V

+44 (0)20 7229 8811


McCormick Gallery

Thomas McCormick- Owner/Director

835 West Washington Blvd.

Chicago, IL 60607

T 1.312.226.6800

F 1.312-226-6588


Seo Hwa Gallery

You Jung Lee- Owner/Director

BI 63-12 Chungdam-Dong,

KangNam-Gu Kang Nam-Gu Seoul, 135-953

T 011.822.3443.3103

Length of time represented: fourteen years


Galerie Scheffel GmbH

Christian K. Scheffel- Owner/Director

Ferdinandstraße 19 61348

Bad Homburg v.d.Höhe Deutschland

 T 49 (0)6172 28906

F 49 (0)6172 28968

Length of time represented:  six years



Ann Tower- Owner/Director

141 East Main Street

Lexington, KY 40507

T 859.425.1188

 F 859.425.9915

 Length of time represented:  four years



Angela Usrey- Owner/Director

Southern Saddlery Building ,

Suite 3

3069 South Broad Street

Chattanooga, TN 37408

T 423.280.7182

 F 423.267.5592


Eleanor Flomenhaft- Owner/Director

547 West 27th ,

Suite 308

New York City, NY 10001

T 212.268.4952

F 212.268.4953


Allyn Gallup- Owner/Director

1288 North Palm Avenue,

Sarasota, FL 34236 

 T 941.366.2454

F 941.302.4300

 Please visit for full information regarding John Henry and his work including a full biography and resume.