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Jon Barlow HUDSON

PoBx 710, 325 N. Walnut
Yellow Springs, OH 45387-0710, U.S.A.
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Phone: (937)767-7766

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Since 1976, I have been creating sculptural works for a wide range of public environments around the world. I am interested in projects that require a unique work created for their intended location, whether an environmental installation or a discrete sculptural object. I prefer to work with permanent materials such as stainless steel, bronze, granite and marble, which may be augmented by glass, water, light , etc. While I prefer large-scale projects, I will consider more intimate-scale creations, along with stone and stainless steel tables and sacred items.

I have created and installed dozens of large-scale sculpture projects, not to mention numerous small-scale projects, throughout the United States and in 27 other countries round the world such as: Australia, China, Japan, Dubai/U.A.E., Germany, Lithuania, among others: i have 23 such projects in China alone. 

Since my birth in Montana, I have been traveling and residing around the United States and the world on a journey of exploration, discovery and creation. My formative years in the West instilled in me a sense of vast open space, scale and timelessness, which has been augmented by living near ancient stone environments such as Machu Pichu, Rome, Petra and Stonehenge. I have worked in the African bush, at a California gold mine and have taught at several universities.
These experiences have led to a body of work in stone, bronze, stainless steel, water and light. Examples are the 30 foot painted steel WIND DRAGON for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Park and two monumental stainless steel sculptures I created for World Expo 88 in Brisbane, Australia: PARADIGM and MORNING STAR II. From my studio in Yellow Springs, Ohio, I travel anywhere in the world to create and install sculpture projects.


  • Master of Fine Arts, California Institute Fine Arts, Valencia, CA,
    Scholarship & Graduate Teaching Fellowship 1972                              
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, California Institute Fine Arts, Valencia, CA,
    Scholarship 1971
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Dayton Art Institute, Dayton, OH,
    Scholarship 1975                                                                                                                  


            Antioch University, (Japanese) Yellow Springs, OH 9/86-3/7  

            Scuola Lorenzo de’Medici,(Italian) Florence, 11/82-1/83

  • California Institute of Arts, Valencia, CA 9/70-6/72 RBSIA, ISC 
  • Study of T’ai Chi Chuan with Marshall Ho’o at Cal Arts  1/71-6/72  
  • Assist Sculptor Charles Ginnever, Putney, VT 9/69-7/70
  • Stuttgart State Art Academy, Stuttgart, Germany 4/69-8/69
  • Dayton Art Institute, Dayton, OH  9/65-12/67
  • Aspen School Contemporary Art, Aspen, CO Summer ‘66
  • Urbana College, Urbana, OH 9/63-6/65


  • University of Georgia, Art Dept. Studies Abroad Program in Cortona, Italy  Autumn/2000
  • The Carving Studio, Proctor, VT: Visiting Sculptor Summer/88 & 87
  • Antioch University, Yellow Springs, OH: Assistant Professor Winter 1/4 ‘80
  • Wright State University, Dayton, OH: Adjunct Instructor 9/76-6/77
  • Stephens College, Columbia, MO: Assistant Professor 9/75-6/76
  • Wright State University, Dayton, OH: Adjunct Instructor 3/75-6/75
  • Royal Drift Gold Mine, Magalia, CA: Supervisor & Equipment Fabricator 7/72-4/74
  • California Institute of Arts, Valencia, CA: Graduate Teaching Assistant 9/71-6/72
  • Ralph M. Parsons Co., USAID, Dakar, Senegal: Field Supervisor 8/68-1/69


  • City of Kettering, OH 2000-2015 


Liu Kaiqu Sculpture Award, Wu Hu, anhui, China 2011

Zhuhai Shizimen Global Sculpture Award, guangdon, China 2009

          Nomination Award, China Beijing Olympic Park, Beijing, P.R.China. 2008

First Honor Award, National Guiding Committee for Public Sculpture, P.R.China.  2007

            Third Prize, International Sculpture Exhibit, ZhengZhou, Henan ,     2006                    

 First Prize, International Sculpture Exhibit, Taizhou, Zhejieng, P.R.China 2005                    

               Second Prize, Icheon Intl. Sculpture Symposium 2003

  • Deuxieme Prix, Le Monde Sous-Marin, Ville du Pradet, Var, France 2000             
  • Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation 1996
  • Armagh Arts Council, County Armagh, North Ireland 1995
  • Europos Parkas, Vilniaus, Lithuania 1994
  • Professional Development Award, Ohio Arts Council/Lithuania 1994
  • Dunaferr Steel Co., Foundation, Dunaujvaros, Hungary 1993
  • Partners of the Americas, USIA/Brazil, Project/Travel Grant 1992
  • Professional Development Award, Ohio Arts Council/Italy 1985
  • Lusk Memorial Fellowship, Institute of International Education 11/82-11/83
     Italy: Florence, Carrara & Pietrasanta/Stone & Bronze Study
     Projects Grant, Ohio Arts Council, 1978


2016   Liu Kaiqu Sculpture Park, WuHu, Anhui, China: EIDOLON:CONVERBENCE

2016    "Cui Zhen Kun Museum" Sculpture Park, Xian, Shaanxi,China:

                        CLOUD HANDS


  2015   Arawak Interpretation Park, Isle of Anguilla: SUBLIME PORTAL : ANGUILLA

 2015   Changsha Sculpture Park, Changsha, Hunan, China :

                EIDOLON : PIETA

 2015   Changbai Riverside Park, Changbai Mt., Jilin, China: 


 2015   Fuzhou Sculpture Exhibit, Fuzhou, Fujian, China : BLUE SILK VORTEX I

 2014   Zhongdong Group, Changchun, China: EIDOLON : OAK LEAVES

  2014   Overland Park Arboretum Sculpture Park, Bucyrus, KS: TS’UNG


 2014   Te Kupenga, New Plymouth, New Zealand : UNTITLED

 2013   White Rock Hills Library, Dallas, TX : FENESTRAE AETERNITATIS : WHITE ROCK

 2013   5th & St. Clair St., Dayton, OH: FLUID DYNAMICS

 2012   Chistie Prudi Intl. Sculpture Park, Penza, Russia: EIDOLON : ATOM PENZA

 2012   Ust-Kamenogorsk City Park, Kazakhstan: CONTINUUM UNCARVED BLOCK XXIII  

 2011   Andres Inst. of Art, Brookline, NH:  ETRUSCAN MAENAD : MOTHER BEAR

 2011   Hancock City Hall, Hancock, ME: SUBLIME PORTAL : WHISPERING STONES

 2011   Liu Kaiqu Award Project, Wu Hu, Anhui Prov., China: SUBLIME PORTAL II

 2011   Wu Xi Taihu Lake Garden, Wu Xi, Jiangsu Prov., China: MEANDERING VORTEX

 2011   Tsinghua University, Beijing, China: SYNCHRONICITY XI

 2010   Miami Valley Firefighter/EMS Memorial, Stubbs Park, Centerville, OH: FIREWALL

 2010   Abu Dhabi Muni./Zayed Univ., Abu Dhabi, UAE :  EIDOLON ELLIPTICAL SPHERE

 2010   China-US Peace & Friendship Program, Xuanwu dist. Beijing, China: CLOUD & RAIN

 2010   Peace & Friendship Park, Ordos, Inner Mongolia: ORDOS BALBAL

 2009   Urumqi  Civic Center Park, Urumqi,  Xinjiang Prov., China : NANOTOWER I

 2008   Beijing Olympic Park, Beijing, ChinaWIND DRAGON

 2008   Zhangjiang High Tech Park HQ, Pudong, Shanghai, China: CUBO OBLIQUO II 

 2008   Louth County Council % Art, Lisdoo Estates, Dundalk, Ireland: LONGA FAOI SHEOL

 2008   Wright State University, Diggs Life Science Lab, Dayton, OH : DOUBLE HELIX

 2008   Cedarville Univ., Biblical Studies Bldg., Cedarville, OH : SYNCHRONICITY X :

                         I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD

 2007   1st Intl. Steel Sculpture Festival, Baoshan Dist., Shanghai, China: 0 to INFINITY

 2007   Granite Museum of Stanstead, Quebec, Canada :  UNCARVED BLOCK  XL      

 2007   National Museum, Manamah, Bahrain : SYNCHRONICITY VII : OCTAGON

 2007   EMAAR Properties, Dubai, UAE: CONTINUUM II : MAKAN              

 2006   City Hall Plaza, Taizhou City, Zhejiang  Prov., P.R.China:  EIDOLON : SPHERE

 2006   Wu Zi Xiong Glass Art Gallery, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Prov., P.R.China :

                             ETERNAL CYCLE : GLASS ROADS

 2006   Hui’An City, Public Park, Fujian Prov., P.R .China : ETRUSCAN MAENAD XIX : HUI'AN

 2006   Sinclair Community College, Moore Technology Center, Dayton, OH, OAC % for Art:

                              PARADIGM SHIFT

 2005   Songkhla, Thailand, Samila Beach Park :  PRINCESS MAHA CHAKRI SIRINDHORN


 2005   Milwaukee, WI, % for Art/Brady St. Bridge Project:  3 SENTINELS and COMPASS

 2004   Vilnoja, Suderve, Vilniaus dist., Lithuania: UNCARVED BLOCK : SPHERE WITHIN            

 2004   Cerisy la Foret, Normandie, France: MEMORIAL TO 2 DIV. & 29 DIV. and TS’UNG TUBE:


 2004   EMAAR Properties, Burj al Dubai, Dubai, UAE : MERCURIUS/JALAL

 2003   S.A.S. Institute, Cary, NC: FENESTRAE AETERNITATIS I

 2003   Ichinomiya History Museum, Ichinomiya-cho,  Hyogo Prefecture, Japan : SHIPS OF

                         ANCIENT TIME ; in collaboration with Mitsui, Kiyoharu

 2003   Icheon City, Pedestrian Street ,  South Korea : TS’UNG TUBE BENCH and  LOVE SEAT

 2003   Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, P.R.China :  CONTINUUM VIII and SYNCHRONICITY V      

 2003   LanaArt Sculpture Trail, Lana, Trentino/Alto Adige, Ital :  SANTUARIO    

 2003   Tultepec, Mexico:  VORTEX  X : QUETZALCOATLE

 2002   Penticton Creek, Penticton, British Columbia, Canada:  KOKANEE / EN’-TEE-TUEK

 2002   School Employee's Retirement System, Columbus, OHARK OF THE SUN &

                       THE MOON

 2002   Mason Sculpture Park, Kettering/Dayton, OH : SYNCHRONICITY III

 2002   6th of October City, Egypt:  SYNCHRONICITY IV : ABAAD  and THRONE

 2001   Consorcio Escuela del Marmol de Fines, Almeria, Spain : TS’UNG TUBE : MEMORIAL TO

                          WTC, 9/11/01

 2001   International  Sculpture Park, Rachana, North Lebanon : UNCARVED BLOCK XXV :


 2001  Aswan International  Sculpture Park, Aswan, Egyp t:  TS’UNG TUBES XLVII, XLVIII,

                        XLIX, XLX : ABAAD                                                       

 2000   Ville du Pradet, Var, France : ETOILE DE MER ET        SPHERE                                                                                                 

 2000   Executive Jet, Columbus, Ohio :  UNCARVED BLOCK XIX : JET

 2000   Civic Center Plaza, Omaha, NE (formerly at Eppley Field  Airport) : FIRE IN THE HOLE !




Te Kupenga, New Plymouth, New Zealand                                                                                                         2014

               Penza 5th Intl. Sculpture Symposium, Penza, Russia                                                                                           2012

               2nd  Intl. Sculpture Symposium, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan                                                     2012

                Schoodic 3rd Intl. Sculpture Symposium, Prospect Harbor, ME                                                        2011

              Andres Institute of Art 13th Intl. Sculpture Symposium, Brookline, NH                                                            2011

              Abu Dhabi Intl. Sculpture Symposium, Abu Dhabi, UAE                                                                             2010

              Urumqi Urban Sculpture Symposium, Xinjiang Prov., China                                                                                2009

Circles Polaires, Stanstead Museum, Stanstead, Qbc., Canada                                                               2007

Bahrain 3rd Intl. Sculpture Symposium, Manamah, Bahrain                                                                    2007

Dubai  3rd Intl. Sculpture Symposium, Dubai, UAE                                                                                    2007

4th China Hui’An Intl. Carving Festival, Hui’An, Fujian Prov., P.R. China                                                      2006

Songkhla, Thailand, 1st. Intl. Symposium Monumental Sculpture                                                             2005

Cerisy la Foret  Symposium, St. Claire sur l’Elle, Normandy, France                                                         2004                                        

Vilnoja V 2004, Suderve, Vilniaus dist., Lithuania                                                                                       2004

Dubai 1st. Intl. Sculpture & Painting Symposium, Dubai, UAE                                                                   2004

 China Intl. City Sculpture Exhibit & Symposium, Fuzhou, Fujian, P.R.China                                                2003

 Icheon 6