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Yoshitada Ihara

363 Honmachi, Kakogawa-Cho
, 6750037
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Phone: 81-79-422-0494     Fax: 81-79-422-0594

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 The basic theme in the creation of my work is the development of a harmonious relationship between nature and artifacts. Combining these two opposing elements makes it possible to eliminate the borderline with natural living organic matter.


  • He is awarded the Nika exhibition (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum) every year. It was chosen following the Kansai Nika exhibition (Kyoto municipal art museum).


  • Hyogo prefecture, the first  time  Art festival festival of modern art Hyogo ken Museum of Art


  • Hyogo Prefectural Contemporary Art Museum Award Winner
  • Awarded Tokyo Art Museum Special Award.


  • Tokyo Art Museum Culture Special Exhibition
  • Japan  Flower Arrangement  Special Member  . 


  • Three sculptures were built on the main street of Kagawa Bridge station in Hyogo ken.


  • Qualified person in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


  • I built a sculpture of Sho-en Sculpture Center 10 in San Diego, California.


  • The artwork was nominated for the exhibition and won the French Maubeugeu City Art Contest.


  • Exhibiting sculptures purchased at Ashkenazy Gallery, Belleage Hotel, Beverly Hills, California, USA


  • The artwork was nominated for the exhibition and was chosen for semifinals at the US Fertilization School in Alabama, USA


  • Lithuania World Sculpture Symposium.
  • One of the sculptures exhibited permanently at the European Central Art Museum in Lithuania.
  • 1996
    • I built a sculpture in Nakao Park in Akashi City Hyogo Prefecture.


  • I built a sculpture in the Midohigaoka Plateau of Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture.
  • I built three sculptures (permanent collection) in the Skokie North Shore Sculpture Park in Chicago.
  • the year of 2000
    • A sculpture at the Anada Park, Kakogawa city, Hyogo Prefecture.
    • Erected an ecological sculpture in Shizen no Ie in Kobe city, Hyogo Prefecture.
    • Traveling Exhibition I (an ecological sculpture "Tree of Origin") in Kakogawa City Hall, Hyogo Prefecture.


  • Traveling Exhibition II "Tree of Origin" at the entrance of Center for horticulture in Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture.
  • Exhibition at Takashimaya Kyoto department store in Kyoto.
  • Traveling Exhibition "Tree of Origin" at the entrance of Osaka Museum of History, and Japan Broadcasting Cooperation, Osaka station (NHK) in Osaka.
  • 2005 
    • Erected 12 Sculptures of Soul Object in Okura Akashi Coast in Hyogo Prefecture.


  • Erected a Sculpture in Kakogawa Kanno Park in Hyogo Prefecture.


  • I built sculptures at Himeji Awa Park in Hyogo Prefecture .


        。Moku-Renma(kigumi)was selected for an Honorable Mention Āward.

            Circle foundation in lyon,Francei



          Personal long-time solo exhibition, Yoshiaki Ihara

From July 2012, I am making land art combining cultivation in satoyama and thinning timber (Cypress & Cedar). It grows like plant growth and work will continue to evolve  cedar) cedar)