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Eve Ingalls

9 Veblen Circle
Princeton, NJ 08540, U.S.A.
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Phone: (609) 924-5885     Fax: (609) 924-5885

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My work concerns human interaction with the natural world. My studio activity is a study of the most basic gestures used by humans to reach beyond themselves and create a world in which it is possible to exist. These basic gestures seem to concern survival, orientation, and communication.

When we view wild animals, even caged ones, those animals seem to us to carry a piece of the landscape of their origin. As our lives become increasingly urbanized and withdrawn from nature, these pieces shrink and fade in our minds, stripping us of our awareness of natural habitat. I often feel, with the passage of time, that less and less of the natural world remains attached to me. While working on my sculpture, I imagine that the natural world is gone- erased- except for the bit of the landscape left at the edge of my body (perched on my shoulder, caught between my arms, or stuck in the triangle that holds my feet to the ground).

In some of my previous work I have filled latex shapes with hydrocal and pigment which I squeeze against my body to record the gestures which allow me to place myself in the world. Because we repeat gestures in order to reinforce our presence, I repeat these movements until larger stacked units emerge. Many questions are asked, such as whether the beginning of architecture was the hat or the hug.

A recent installation called "Swerves and Stoppages" presents a river of sculptural forms that registers the gestures humans use to create boundaries and stoppages in the flux and flow of time.

The sculpture has a powerful organic presence, because its forms hover strangely between being an object and being the record of an event . I try to evoke body memories so strongly that sight seems on the verge of being blinded by touch.

Eve Ingalls has exhibited throughout the United States and in France, Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands as well as in recent exhibitions at the Aldrich Museum , the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Bruce Museum, and the New Britain Museum of American Art. Her work has been reviewed in The New York Times, Arts Magazine, Art and Antiques, ;Art New England, De volkskrant Beeldende Kunst, ;and Die Courant Amsterdam.

For further information contact Soho20 Gallery: phone (212) 226-4167, web site:, or contact the artist : phone and fax in the United States: (609) 924-5885