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Jane Jaskevich

1110 Citadel Dr.
Atlanta, GA 300324, U.S.A.
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Phone: 404-320-9822

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Artist Statement

Jaskevich is a carver of dreams in stone. Her mythical figures borrow elements from ancient cultures.

Jane creates figures by combining various materials such as different stones, wood and found objects. She pays homage to the stones’ Greco-Roman roots.

Her recent series deals with the incomplete figure and is entitled “The Silhouette Series “. Partial heads that can be read as a silhouette are combined with full bodies. These sculptures suggest multiple ideas; ancient ruin, contemporary dreams, and flat vs 3D.

2012 brought exhibitions in the NYC Affordable Art Fair and her sculptures being published in Contemporary Sculptors by Kracun/ McFadden. Numerous Southeast galleries represent her.

  Jane received her BFA from University of Georgia and Masters in Art from Florida State with additional studies in Pietrasanta, Italy. 

Her public collections include an outdoor sculpture in a Michigan church and three sculptures for NationsBank Headquarters in Tampa.  Jane has two sculptures in the permanent collection of the Polk Museum of Art in Lakeland, Florida.  Her large-scale bronze sculptures are the focal point for the Tampa GTE Data Center.