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Reginald Brooks

535 NW 107th Ave.
Portland, OR 97229, U.S.A.
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Phone: (503) 646-1548

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Artist Profile: Reginald Brooks-a quick summary of the past 30 years

Dates Themes/Titles



Media Exhibited
1980's Geometric/Organic Geometric figurative paintings
Organic figurative sculpture
G/O figurative studies
wood & stone
brush & ink (sumi)
MtHood CC
Gresham, OR
1988 "Madonna & Child…Transformation Series" Theme & variations examining, styles, form & content mixed media/paper Bev City Hall
Beaverton, OR
1992 "Search For the Multi- Cultural Mythology Of Our Times" Post-modernist, intuitive, neo- iconographic, figurative/ environmental explorations sumi ink/unprimed, canvas scroll paintings, wood/stone/metal sculptures Zero Square G.
Portland, OR
1995 "Journey in Space-Time" Dimensional paradigms: Truth & Simultaneity; Parallel Realities/ Universes In the Figure silk overlays, sumi ink & crayon/unprimed canvas scrolls, wood, stone, metal/paint sculptures Montage G.
Portland, OR
1996 "Lucy: Contemporary Reflections on Paleo-Anthropologic Findings" Dual tracks:
1. Beginnings & Parallels(physical, social and psychological);
2. Western music & color structure theory
integrated silk, ink & acrylic/stretched canvas metal, wood, fused glass sculptures Montage G.
*"Geometry of Music, Art and Structure…linking science, art and esthetics" paper initially self-published and presented at the Montage Gallery, PDX in 1996 with the above show. NOTE: new updated online version, March 2009, on website.
1996 "Line…Surface…Volume" large mini-retrospective from 1978-1996 sculptures & paintings American Institute of Architects, Portland C
1997 "Dance Number Appendage: A Surrealistic Look At Pattern In Number & Dance" Dual tracks:1. New appendage paintings with visual patterns-dance
2. Visual patterns-numbers
acrylic paint/shaped canvas with scratchboard, wood, aluminum Montage G.
Portland, OR
**"Patterns In Numbers: From Prime Number to DNA" paper self-published Montage G
1998 *"Geometry of Music, Art and Structure…linking science, art and esthetics" the paper (published by the International Society of Geometry and Graphics, 1998) and slides of the scratchboard visual works were presented at the Eighth International Conference on Engineering Computer Graphics and Descriptive Geometry in Austin, TX.
2001 "The E-P (Einstein-Picasso) Series  New approach to painting from pencil sketch to computer, to digital print, to acrylic painting and final encaustic wax.

Mixed Media: digital-encaustic with scratchboard

 Lara Sydney Gallery, Portland, OR
2005 "Infinite Dimensions...without borders"  We are our 
"context" ... at least our local context. Einstein's Relativity reveals a larger set of contexts that we exist in ... usually without awareness.
Mixed Media: digital-encaustic with scratchboard  Lara Sydney Gallery, Portland, OR
2007 "A Void"  This body of work ... paintings, prints and a sculpture, were in response to the crisis of 9-11. After five years and some distancing perspective it has been re-titled "A Void."

Mixed Media: digital-encaustic with scratchboard

Sculpture: cherrywood, copper, aluminum

Urban Wineworks Gallery, Portland, OR
2008 "~breathe~ A Celebration of Women"  Geometric abstraction employed at a serious ... but ultimately futile ... attempt to understand the female psyche.  Mixed Media: digital-encaustic with scratchboard  Lara Sydney Gallery, Portland, OR
1985-2009 and 2010-2019 and beyond

A large number of white papers ... some accompanied by new media works ... have issued forth at, and during,  the same time period that  much of my work was created. Undoubtedly, there exists a multi-track cross-fertilization of ideas, responses and expressions back and forth from the hard, physical media and soft, virtual media. Please visit the website and specifically the New Media tab section:  

NEW Sculpture: