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Jean Wolff

none, NULL, Venezuela
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Phone: (310) 450-5831     Fax: (310) 446-1832

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Critics Reviews
"Wolff's sensuous treatment of shape and surface brings the art of sculpture back to nature and the most elemental sources of inspiration. Her sculptures are elegant, as well as erudite, thus becoming treats for the eye as well as the mind."
- Jean Mekig, Journalist, The Desert Sun

"Wolff's small table sculptures possess an intimacy and accessibility that compel the viewer to become part of them: to touch and caress physically and investigate intellectually both their surface and their interior. Integral to the sculptures are the pedestals that she has created for each piece. Not only do they present the work at the right height and environment to fully appreciate them, a problem that is inherent in small sculpture but the pedestals enhance the spiritual presence of the work. Like shrines or alters, these tables compliment and complete the overall intent of the artist."
- Jim Reed, Curator, Riverside Art Museum

"Wolff eschews power tools, utilizing instead the more traditional mallets and chisels, for this method yields an intimate understanding of, and relationship with, the material. Even the investment in time required with hand tools adds to the finished character of the artwork, the experience of executing the piece, and to the artist's skills. The collector is assured a unique acquisition.

Jean Wolff's sculptures are metaphors for feelings, emotions, and ideas... The metaphors involve subtle conceptual connections... Wolff's sculpture is not conceptual, though, but rather emotive and intuitive. That is, it is not a guessing game utilizing clues and hints. Rather, these works are aimed at the stimulation of the sensitivity and sensuality of the viewer."
- Douglas A. Deaver, Ph. D., Art Review

Personal Statement
My intent is to portray abstract and creative connections in space. The movement I have hoped to create is my demonstration of flowing...from positive to negative, from one shape to counter-shape, from surface to surface. I see in this the psychological relationships among people, especially the duality of such interplay. Duality as well as emergence are two reoccurring themes.

My work is intended to reflect many emotional moods...pulling away...breaking through...letting go...being together.

My desire is to place unique sculpture within the broadest reach of emerging and established collectors.


  • University of Wisconsin, Madison, B.S.
  • University of California, Los Angeles
  • Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles

Selected Exhibitions

  • Gensler & Associates, Los Angeles, California
  • Aaron Gallery, Washington, D.C.
  • Irvine College Gallery, Irvine, California
  • FACT Gallery, Laguna Beach, California
  • Ross Watkins Gallery, Palm Desert, California
  • Paragone Gallery, Los Angeles, California
  • Art Institute of Southern California, Laguna, California
  • Concordia University, Irvine, California
  • University of Connecticut Invitational Sculpture Show La Quinta Sculpture Park, La Quinta, California
  • Los Angeles Municipal Arts Gallery, Los Angeles, California
  • CAC Gallery, Burbank, California
  • Salon 1991, Ward-Nasse Gallery, Soho, New York
  • Young Gallery, San Jose, California
  • Images 1985, Bowers Museum, Santa Ana, California
  • Shidoni Gallery Sculpture Show, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Shidoni Gallery Sculpture Show, Dallas, Texas
  • Shidoni Gallery Sculpture Show, El Paso, Texas

Selected Art in Public Places

  • Plaza Pasadena, Pasadena, California
  • Park Center Financial Plaza, San Jose, California
  • Burbank Hilton & Convention Center, Burbank, California
  • San Jose Hilton & Towers, San Jose, California