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Jean Jacques Porret

1300 North Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60610, U.S.A.
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Phone: 312-787-0446     Fax: 773-533-5849

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Swiss-born Porret, self-taught artist and sculptor specializing in the lost wax technique of casting bronze, displays a visionary spirit combined with an intense professional dedication. The abstract designs of the free-thinking Porret are a meeting of heaven and earth. His clarity of expression is displayed in a surrealistic view of the human form that breathes a life of its own. Each soft flowing curve of the silhouette's nakedness reveals an avant-garde beauty and sensuality which attempts to strike a balance between reality and illusion.  

Working within the boundaries of his imagination, Porret blends the familiar and the unknown, each contour leading to the next, creating a self-styled harmony that he terms "rhythm in space". By embracing the spirit of the moment combined with the solitary desire to experiment, Porret unleashes a depth of creativity transforming his thoughts and emotions to original timeless poetic sculptural forms. 

Porret's evolution as an artist is evident in his recent works. By incorporating marble and granite into his bronzes, he creates a modern force representing the ability of man, spirit and nature to come together as one. His signature pieces with their soft angular movements are harmoniously mixed with sharply defined textures captivating introspective designs with an immortal richness, boldness and unsettling beauty. 

Porret's iconoclastic artistic style continues as he instinctively forges forward experimenting with new techniques of expression. In a continuing journey of self discovery and exploration his art reflects a genuine interpretation of human moods and emotions. Each pieces of work containing life's majestic complexities.