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Marcia Raff

200 Congress Ave 43R
Austin, TX 78701, U.S.A.
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Phone: 1 917 670 1580

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“The work of Marcia Raff reflects two important distinct factors found in contemporary art today - delicacy and
power. This combination is testimony to Marcia Raff's concern for impeccable execution and strong geometric forms."                                                                                      



Chicago Horticultural Society, Glencoe,Ill, 1981,photographs

Cheekwood, Nashville, Tenn, 1981, photographs

University of Florida, extended exhibition, in front of School of Architecture, Columns     1, 2 & 3, 1992

Hall of Fame, Wingate, Israel, Chi/Life, 1994

 Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville, Fla, 1997

Steuben Glass window, Madison Ave, NYC, 2001, Flatlanders

 University of Florida, extended exhibition,at HiltonHotel & Conference Center, Feynman’s  Fancy, 2000

Clore Garden of Science,Weizmann Inst, Rehovot, Feynman’s Fancy, Israel, 2003

Macabbim, Israel, Serendipity 7 feet h x 6 ft w,  2005

Modiin, Israel, Portal No 1, 12 ft h x 12 ft w,  2005

NYC Park District, Feynman’s Fancy,  2006

NYC Park District, Columns 1, 2 & 3, Series III,  2006

Gracious Homes, Broadway, NYC, 2006

Westchester State Park District, NY, Columns 1, 2 & 3, Series III, 2007

Port Warwick, W. Virginia, Columns, 1, 2 & 3. Series III, 2007

JuanPerezVintage,BuenosAires,Argentina,DogLabyrinth&Dreidel Labyrinth painted on sidewalk,2010

Tyler Park Sculpture Garden, Tyler, PA.,  Columns 1, 2 & 3, Series III, 2011

Modiin, Israel, Portal No 3, Series 2bb, 16.5 feet high and 16.5 feet wide, 2013    

 Austin, Texas, Lobby of RLM Builiding University of Texas, Feynman's Fancy,  various sizes, 2014

Austin, Texas, Jewsh Commuity Center Campus, Columns 1, 2, & 3, Series II, 11 ft high

Malaga,, Spain, solo exhibit,Finger Labyinths and sculptures

Houston, Tx, Pop Up Labyrinth exhibit Oct 2015

Austin, Tx, The Dreidel Labyrinth/Canvas Dec 2015

NYC, National Arts Club, Match 2016, The Stem Rose Labyrinth Sculpture/Gravel& Stainless Steel©

Gainesville, Florida, Pop Up Labyrinth Exhibit March, 2016

Gainesville, Florida, The Dreidel Labyrinth Sculpture© Downtown Art Program

Chartres, France, Labyrinth Exhibit, July, 2016

Stanford University, Stanford California, Stanford Institute of Theoretical Physics

                                                                                         December, 2016         

W Austin Hotel, Austin, Texas, World Labyrinth Celebration,solo Pop Up Labyrinth                                                                                         Exhibit,  May, 2017

Studio 80 Sculpture, Park, Old Lyme, Ct. 3's a Crowd©bronze, June 2017

Kew Gardens Handmade in Britain & International Sculptors,London, England, 5 sculptures  Sept-October 15, 2017

Cedar Park, Texas, Feynman's Fancy on posts, stainless steel Oct 17-2017-2018



Thomas Center, Gainesville, Fla, 1995

Gainesville R16egional Airport, 1991

Paris, France, October, 2013

Modiin, Israel, May 2016, Labyrinths and sculptures



1. Feynman's Fancy on posts in garden at University of Florida's Hilton Hotel & Conference Center

2. Columns 1, 2 & 3, Series III, on lawn in front of Architecture building University of Florida

3. either/or, University of Florida School of Journalism

4. McDonald's News Column, McDonald's Regional Office, Tampa, Florida 5. Columns 1, 2 & 3, Westchester, NY's Ward Pound Ridge Reserve
6. Columns 1, 2 & 3, Tyler Park Sculpture Garden, Tyler, Pa.
7. Columns 1, 2 & 3, Series I, Corporate Office, London, England
8. Portal No 3, Series 2bb, Modiin, Israel
9. Serendipity, Macabbim, Israel

10. Portal No 1, Series 3d. Modiin, Israel
11. Feynman's Fancy,Weizmann Institute,, Clore Garden of Science, Rehovot, Israel
12. Chai/Life, Wingate, Israel
13. Columns 1, 2 & 3,Series IV, Garden in Encino, California
14. Portal No. 3, Series 3d, Hadeed Cemetry, Israel
15. Feynman’s Fancy, Stanford University, Physics                    
Building. Stanford, California

16. Columns 1, 2 & 3, Series II, JCC Campus, Austin, Texas
17.JuanPerezVintage,BuenosAires,Argentina,DogLabyrinth&Dreidel Labyrinth painted on sidewalk,2010
18. Serendipity Waterfall, 7 ft. high x 7 ft wide, Sand Diego, California

19. Gainesville, Fla. The Dreidel Labyrinth Sculpture©

       Downtown Art Initiative 

20.  Old Lyme, Ct. USA, Studio 80, Sculpture Park, 3's a Crowd©



Royal Academy of Art, Summer Exhibition, London, England,Columns 1, 2 & 3, Series 1, 1989

Chattahoochee Valley Art Museum, LaGrange, Ga, , Confessions, 1991

Royal Academy of Art, Summer Exhibit, London, England3’s a Crowd & Flatlanders,Confessions 1991

Royal Academy of Art, Summer Exhibition,London, England, Serendipity, 1992 

City of Orlando, Fla, I Ching 24, 1993

National Arts Club Exhibiting Members Exhibit,NYC, Portal No 1, Series 3, 2001

Mark Twain Library,Redding Ct., Portal No. 1, Series 3, 2001

Mark Twain Library,Redding, Ct, The Proverbial Column, 2002

National Arts Club, NYC, Portal No 4, 2003

Viridian Gallery, NYC, McDonald’s News Column, 2005

Westwood Gallery, NYC, Portal No 1, Series 3cc

Allied Artist’s Exhibit, NYC,Portal No. 1, Series 3c, 2006

Pen & Brush Club, NYC, Portal No  1, Series 2c, 2007

National Arts Club, Portal No 6,  2008

Benramon Gallery, NYC,Dreidel Labyrinth, 2011

National Arts Club, NYC,  Apple Finger Labyrinth, 2011

Austin City Hall’s Peopls’s Gallery, Dreidel Labyrith Sculpture, 2013

Allied Artist's, NYC, The Finger Labyrinth Diorama, 2013

National Arts Club, March 2014, The Pear Finger Labyrinth/Bronze, 2014

National Arts Club, March 2015, It's About Time andFeynman©

Rome, Italy, Gallery show titled Art Expo/Logout, October 2015

National Arts Club, March 2016, The Stem Rose Labyrinth.Gravel©

National Arts Club, March, 2017, The DreidelLabyrinth/Gravel©

Art Expo NYC, April, 2017, Portal No 3. Series 2b

W Austin Hotel, Austin, Texas, World Labyrinth Celebration,solo Pop Up Labyrinth                                                                                         Exhibit,  May, 2017

Old Lyme, Ct., Studio 80 Scvulpture Park, 3's a Crowd©

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National Arts Club, NYC, Infinity, 2002

National Arts Club, NYC, I Ching: Turning Point, 2003

National Arts Club, NYC, Portal No. 6a: Dreidel Labyrinth Sculpture, 2007

Salmagundi Club, NYC, Portal No. 6a: Dreidel Labyrinth sculpture, 2009


Private Collector: Shalom© Modiin, Israel, 2016

 Private Collector: Dreidel for the Wall. 2009, Los Angeles, Ca,2009

Private Collector: Lovers in Flatland, Bronze, NYC, 2001

 Private Collector:  Shalom, Stainless Steel, Modiin, Israel 2016

Private Collector: Family of Hands, Bronze (3), Gainesville, Fla. 1997

Private Collector: Serendipity Waterfall,  Gainesville, Fla, 1995

Private Collector: Serendipity Waterfall, 7 ft high,  Lake Forest, Ill, 1995

Private Collector: McDonald’s News Columns ,Orland, Fla 1994

Private Collector: McDonald’s News Column, Dayton Beach, Fla 1994

Mc Donald’s Corporation, McDonald News Columns, Tampa Bay, Fla,1994

University of Florida, School of Journalism, either or/1993

Private Collector: Columns 1,2 & 3, Series 1V, 1991

Corporation in London, England, Columns 1, 2 & 3, Series I, 1989


Royal Society of British Sculptors, London

International Sculpture Center, USA

National Arts Club, NYC, Europe

Artists Fellowship, NYC

Allied Artists, NYC