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Kate Pond

123 North Union Street
Burlington, VT 05401, U.S.A.
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Phone: 802-864-6071

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Artist Statement

Pond’s public work includes WELLSPRING at the Heller School at Brandeis University near Boston, MA; NAIAD II at the Crossing in San Bruno, CA; SUNFIX at the Port of Entry in Highgate Springs, VT; HIMEGURI at the Mitsubishi Sports Garden in Sendai, Japan and SOLEKKO at the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology in Oslo, Norway.

Pond’s sculpture invites participation: with people, and with the sun, shadows and alignments at different seasons of the year. The position of the sun, moon and stars creates a structure, like a painter might use a rectangle as a frame of reference.

Inspiration also comes from curves seen in nature: fiddlehead ferns and tendrils of vines or grasses moving in the wind.

These ideas are translated into calligraphic strokes, first with ink and a brush. Later, the “strokes” are cut out of steel and bent into shape with the heat of an oxy-acetylene torch. These small works are maquettes that can be made into full-scale large steel sculptures.

“Corten steel is my material of choice. It rusts to a dark patina and light creates subtle changes in the soft velvety surface. Stainless steel is more dramatic and I finish the surfaces with signature swirls that reflect light in many directions.

Frank Phillips, design engineer and fabricator, works with Pond to create the larger steel works. He manages fabrication from his shop in Colorado and uses the steel workshops of Denver to do the rolling and welding of the heavy steel. Sculpture is completed on time and within the budget agreed upon.