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Roberta Daar

100 Commonwealth Ave.
Merrick, NY 11566, U.S.A.
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Phone: (516) 223-1470

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"Ms. Daar's constructions deal with rhythms... and effectively occupy the middle ground between the tangible and the abstract ... as if to challenge the imagination." -Helen Harrison,The New York Times

I was always fascinated by the movement of things. For instance, the inner workings of machines. Even when they are at rest, your eye follows the gears and levers around. There is a beauty and rhythm to the shapes.

I strive to create sculptures with that same quiet power. A gentle movement. Movement I create by shapes sometimes based on nature, and sometimes accentuated by color.

I use wood because it can be easily cut and molded. Wood possesses weight and depth yet can be made to appear soft and sensuous.

When I’m working, the excitement comes when I put all the pieces together. The depth and angle at which I place them. How I interweave and overlap them. And how the negative space creates new shapes, new movement.

I love the color white. I feel white permits a little something to enter. White contains the freedom. White invites more activity, more light. And when I choose to place another color next to it, that color now becomes special, pure, exciting.

I believe that our own nature makes a selection. It selects which things please us more. I feed that rapport and work along those lines, consciously or not. I think that is very important. That equals harmony.

Roberta Daar grew up in New York City and graduated with a BFA from Queens College. Her sculptures have been featured in group and solo shows at museums and galleries in the New York tri-state area, including the Nassau County Museum of Art; the Heckscher Museum of Art; and the Pen and Brush, Inc. In addition, her work is in private and corporate collections, including McGraw-Hill Companies, New York; Wolf, Block, Schorr & Solis-Cohen LLP, New York; Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Philadelphia and Stanton, Kay & Watson LLP, San Francisco.