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Perci Chester

250 3rd Avenue North - Studio #200
Minneapolis, MN 55401, U.S.A.
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Phone: 612.991.5715

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Perci Chester's sculpture often depict a human form by virtue of a schematic void, cut-out positive or the placement of totemic likeness. Inspired by elemental structures, puzzles and kinetic toys these sculptures engage the viewer through the energy of movement and play inviting a deeper meditation on the precarious stasis and dynamism of our contemporary world. Once complete these structures seem barely anchored to the ground. Vividly painted they express a dynamic joie de vivre. They evoke a sense of humor, one that is rooted less in irony and more in notions of memory and of human experience.

Perci Chester’s sculpture and prints have been featured in museum and gallery exhibitions nationally and internationally and are represented in public and private collections.  She is the recipient of public art commissions for large scale works and won several awards.  The nature of her work stretches itself over a variety of mediums, as it is seen as a constant development, often expressing multiple forms in a single work. She received her BFA from Washington University and her MFA from Rhode Island School Design and has completed numerous public commissions.

As a sculptor, what interests me is the transformative energy that changes inanimate objects into images of lingering contemplation.

My work varies in scale and materials from intimate finely executed bronze castings to wall relief and architectural installations.

Some become anthropomorphic forms playfully expressing human dynamics, while others become abstract and explore light and movement as metaphor for existence.

The reality of political and environmental imbalance casts a dangerous shadow.  Art becomes a kind of healing – a meditation of humanity’s spiritual survival willing life back into balance.