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Edward J. Walsh

510 Mountain View Ave.
Valley Cottage, NY 10989, U.S.A.
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Phone: 845-358-1287

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"Art first chose me and then I chose art."

My artistic history began when drawing was used as play. Pencil and paper were both the toys and tools that opened the doors of imagination and fantasy. Those early doodles on large sheets of paper were filled with numerous human and animal forms. Elaborate scenes were miniaturized by necessity; simplification of the figure became a personal test of how to manipulate volume, shape and line. In this way I could bring life into these tiny creatures; who became companions in a constantly changing adventure. This activity generated a personal aesthetic which emerged and matured during those childhood strivings to reveal more than the eye could recognize in a simple drawing.

Still as that child, I strive to bring life into art to reveal more for my own eyes as well as for others’.