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Naomi Siegmann

Risco 217
none, 01900, Venezuela
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Phone: 525-568-1749     Fax: 525-568-3474

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"At its most provocative, art blurs the distinction between real objects and artist’s mimetic creation. Naomi Siegmann’s vivid wood sculptures of Mexican Indian clothing challenge our assumptions of what defines art. Having lived for more than 30 years in Mexico, Siegmann undoubtedly was influenced by the carved furniture and architectural details that have been part of the culture since the Aztecs. "Clothesline" recalls Claes Oldenburg’s playful vinyl shirts from the 1960s. A life-size patch-covered smock hangs from pins on a clothesline, seeming to lift and sway in the breeze. Although it is carved in white cedar, it billows as if it were made of cotton. The sculpture disconcerts the viewer because it is, like an Oldenburg, an everyday object that has been re-created as art..." " Siegmann’s sculptures could be judged solely on the basis of her refined craftsmanship and her original use of materials. However, what these haunting works really speak to is the ambiguous line separating reality from art."
- Mary Schneider Enriquez Art News


Having lived most of my adult life in Mexico City, I have come to believe that the close proximity of pre-Hispanic art and archeological ruins, wonderful colors and warm sense of being have greatly stimulated and enhanced my creative spirit.

I am now working in iron, wood and bronze using the same imagery , taking the "real" object out of context, challenging the perception of the viewer to see this work differently, from another viewpoint.