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Adrienne Heinrich

3476 Treeline Drive
Murrysville, PA 15668, U.S.A.
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Phone: 724-327-0547     Fax: 724-327-0547

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Exhibiting yearly at galleries in NYC, Washington DC, and throughout Pennsylvania.  My work is represented in over sixty corporate collections and many private collections. 

I have been a residency artist for over 12 years and am currently co-leading a program in the Pittsburgh Public Schools to develop an art ambassador program for original artwork (given by the Friends of Art organization) displayed in the schools.

My own current work in cast silicone,  begins as I carve wood sculpture, from which I make a mold.  The final silicone castings contain small objects from our everyday life which float about in the interior.  On the exterior of the solid casting, I paint or draw ancient symbols, linking the commonalities between peoples of all time.

In the same media, but in a slightly different direction, I compose visual histories using artifacts which carry their own mysterious stories along with written documents separately obeained but related in some way.  All are open to interpretation, but imply universal archives.  These pieces can also be specifically archival, being commissioned by individuals, by groups or by corporations.